Women's Norwegian Mittens Pattern

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MATERIALS: Bear Brand or Fleisher’s Machine Washable Win-Sport , 2 ozs. Each Colors A and B

“Boye” Sock Needles, 1 set Size 2.
Knitting Chart

GAUGE: 17 sts = 2 inches

RIGHT MITTEN: Cuff: With A, cast on 56 sts, divide on 3 needles, join. Mark end of rounds throughout mitten. Work k 2, p 2 ribbing working stripes as follows: 7 rounds A, 2 rounds B, 2 rounds A, 2 rounds B, 2 rounds A, 4 rounds B, 2 rounds A, 2 rounds B, 2 rounds A, 2 rounds B, 4 rounds A.

Hand: Inc. round: With A, * k 27, inc. 1 st in next st; repeat from * once; 58 sts.

Note: Always carry yarn not in use loosely on wrong side of work, catching it up every 3rd st to avoid long loops.

Pattern: Round 1: K 1 A, k 1 B for edge of thumb gore (see charge for thumb), k 3 A, k 1 B for 2nd edge of thumb gore; follow chart for hand; beg. With 7th st of round, k 2 A, 1 B, 5 A, 1 B, 5 A, 2 B, 1 A, 1 B, 12 A, 3 B, 12 A, 1 B. Continue to follow charts: 5 sts for thumb and remaining 53 sts for hand for 2 more rounds.

First inc. round for thumb gore: k 1 A, 1 B, 1 A, with A inc. 1 st by making a loop on right hand needle, k 1 A, with A inc. 1 st as before, k 1 A, 1 B (7 sts in thumb gore); work remaining sts following chart, beg. With 7th st. Continue to follow both charts, increasing 1 st after first A st and 1 st before last A st of thumb gore every 3rd round 3 times more (13 sts in thumb gore). Continue pat. with 13 sts in thumb gore and 53 sts in remainder of hand, until there are 23 pat. rounds in all.

Round 24: K 1 A, place next 13 thumb sts on a strand of yarn. With a separate strand of A, cast on 5 sts on left hand needle; work these 5 sts following chart, beg. With 2nd st, finish round; 58 sts. Work pat. for hand only, until 55 pat. rounds in all.

First dec. round: Following chart k 1 A, 1 B, with A, k 2 tog. inserting needle in back of sts, k 4 A, 1 B, 5 A, 1 B, 5 A, 1 B, 4 A, with A, k 2 tog. inserting needle in front of sts, k 1 B, 1 A; place these 27 sts on 1 needle for palm and remaining 29 sts on 2 needles; k 1 B, with A, k 2 tog. inserting needle in back of sts, k 2 A, 1 B, 6 A, 2 B, 1 A, 2 B, 6 A, 1 B, 2 A, with A, k 2 tog. From front of sts, k 1 B. Repeat decs. Every round 9 times more; 9 sts on palm, 9 sts for back of hand. Place 9 sts of back on one needle. Weave back and palm sts tog. With A.

Thumb: Slip the 13 thumb sts to 2 needles, with another needle and A, pick up and k 11 sts on the 5 cast-on sts; continue around following chart, working 24th round on next 13 sts of thumb. There will be 11 sts on first needle, 7 sts on 2nd and 6 sts on 3rd needle. Work 18 more rounds of thumb pat.

First dec. round: Slip first st-border st-of 2nd needle to first needle; 12 sts on first needle; 6 sts on each of 2nd and 3rd needles. * Following chart, k 2 tog. Inserting needle in back of sts, work to within 2 sts of next border st, k 2 tog., k 1 b; repeat from * once. Repeat dec. round 3 times more. Place sts of 2nd and 3rd needles on one needle; 4 sts on each needle. With A, weave sts tog.

LEFT MITTEN: Work cuff and inc. row as for right mitten.

Pattern: Round 1: Following chart, k 1 A, 2 B, * k 5 A, 1 B; repeat from * twice, k 2 A, then k 1 B, 3 A, 1 B for beg. Of thumb, finish round. Finish left mitten to correspond to right. Steam.

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