French Poodles Knitted Afghan Pattern #722-3

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This free pattern originally published by Columbia-Minerva Corporation as Columbia-Minerva Afghan Book, Volume 722.

Approximate Size: 50" x 64"

Materials Required:
Columbia-Minerva Knitting Worsted (4 oz. skein)
Main Color, 9 Skeins
Black for Poodles, 1 Skein
Red for Collar of Poodles--1 Skein or a few strands


Columbia-Minerva Nantuk 4 Ply Knitting Yarn
(Knitting Worsted Size--2 or 4 oz. skein)
Main Color, 36 oz.
Black for Poodles, 4 oz.
Red for Collar of Poodles--2 ozs. or a few strands
32 Rhinestones for Collar and Eyes

For Knitted Afghan:

Knitting Needles: 1 Pair "Boye" Size 10 1/2--10 inch

Gauge: 3 1/2 Sts. to 1 inch, 5 Rows to 1 inch

1 "Boye" Non-Inflammable Crochet Hook "I" --9 inch

1 "Hiawatha" Blunt End Tapestry Needle

Knitted Afghan

Square: With Main Color cast on 26 Sts. Work in Stockinette St. for 34 rows, bind off.

To Embroider Squares: Starting at lower part of Poodle on 4th row of Square instead of 2nd row as indicated on Chart, embroider. Following Chart for placement of Sts., work entire Poodle in Duplicate St. as Follows: (French Knots and Red Collar are made over the duplicate St. later) Thread Tapestry Needle with Black yarn and fasten on wrong side of work. *Insert needle in center of St. and draw yarn through to right side of work, then insert needle under the 2 strands of yarn of St. above and draw yarn through, then insert needle in center of same St. below and draw yarn through to wrong side of work, repeat from *. With double strand of Black, work French Knots over Sts. as indicated on Chart.

With single strand of Red work the 3 Sts. of Collar in Duplicate St. Sew 3 Rhinestones on Collar and 1 for eye. Embroider 8 Squares in this manner.

To Join Squares: Sew Squares together, 7 Squares in width and 9 Squares in length, alternating direction of Squares (all 4 corner Squares are upright) and placing embroidered Squares as illustrated or as desired. With Main Color work 1 row of S.C. around entire Afghan, working 3 S.C. in each corner to keep flat.

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