Knitted Scarf Patterns

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Ever wished you could knit something special for everyone you know? This collection of scarf pattern designs offers a wide variety of textures and styles, so you can share a gift of handmade warmth with anyone of any age. Knit a scarf with your favorite yarn for a man or a woman. With these scarf pattern designs, you have the perfect gift idea for everyone on your gift list!

Mans Scarf Pattern
Boucle Scarf pattern
Knitted Triangle pattern
Scarf 344 pattern
Scarf 343 pattern
Scarf pattern
twins 2 piece velveen suit and scarf pattern
Cap Muffler pattern
Muffler pattern
golden arrow homespun nub yarn jacket and featherdown skirt pattern
north wind scotch sports plaid coat and olympic suit pattern
Argyle Scarf pattern
knitted sport scarf pattern
cowl collar
lucky piece 2 piece mirvena suit pattern
matched knitted scarf
Plain Gloves and Scarf pattern
knit hat and scarf pattern
boys knitted block stitch scarf
checker scarf
man's scarf
scarf patten
knitted scarf
scarf for girls or boys pattern
Knitted Cap with Scarf pattern
little scarf
silk corde ascot
Scarf pattern
elliot tartan scarf pattern
scarf to match pattern