Scarf Pattern #400

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4 skeins Fingering yarn 3 ply m.c. (1 oz. skein)
1 skein Fingering yarn 3 ply c.c. (1 oz. skein)
1 pair knitting needles No. 3

GAUGE: 7 sts. = 1 inch


1st to 4th row incl.: * K 1, P 1 repeat from * all across row.

5th to 8th row incl.: * P 1, K 1 repeat from * all across row.

Repeat these 8 rows for pattern.

With m.c. and No. 3 needles cast on 84 sts. and work in pattern for 1 inch. Drop m.c. and attach c.c. and work in pattern for 4 rows, drop c.c., pick up m.c. and work in pattern for 8 rows, drop m.c., pick up c.c. and work in pattern for 8 rows, break off c.c. and work in m.c. only until scarf measures 38 inch. or any desired length, then work c.c. stripe pattern to correspond to other end, ending with 1 inch m.c., bind off loosely K as K and P as P.


Wind m.c. yarn over a 2 inch cardboard, cut at one end. Knot 4 strands in every 4th st. on both ends of scarf. Take half of one fringe with half of next fringe and knot them ¼ inch lower down. Repeat this on both ends of scarf. Trim fringe evenly. Steam lightly.

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