Scarf Pattern #1518

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MATERIALS REQUIRED—American Thread Company "Dawn" Knitting Worsted.

2 2-ounce Skeins White.

1–1¾ or 2 ounce Skein of any Solid or Shaded Color.

1 Pair Bone Knitting Needles No. 10.

With Color—Cast on 32 sts and K 3 inches then K 8 rows White, 6 rows Color, repeat the last 14 rows. Attach White, K 1 row and begin basket weave pat­tern : K the 1st 4 and last 4 sts in each row and on remaining sts work as follows:

1st and 2nd Row—K 2, P 2.

3rd Row—K across row.

4th and 5th Rows—P 2, K 2.

6th Row—Purl across row. Repeat these 6 rows until scarf measures about 28 inches and finish end to correspond.

Fringe—Cut 6 inch lengths of yarn, take 2 strands, double these and knot through every other st.