Bed Slippers Pattern #1519

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MATERIALS REQUIRED—American Thread Company "Dawn" Pompadour Yarn.

2¾-oz. Balls White.
2¾-oz. Balls Blue or Pink.
1 yd. Narrow Ribbon.
3 Double pointed Steel Knitting Needles No. 13.

With White, cast on 40 sts rather loosely, * P 1 row, K 1 row, repeat from * twice.

Attach Blue and P 2 rows, then K 1 row, P 1 row, K 1 row, P 1 row.

Repeat these 12 rows until there are 9 White and 9 Blue stripes.

Next row begin shaping toe, continue in pattern.

Decrease every 5th st and work 5 rows even.

Decrease every 4th st and work 4 rows even.

Decrease every 3rd st and work 3 rows even.

Decrease every 2nd st and work 1 row even.

Decrease to 7 sts and bind off.

Beginning at top with Blue and with the right side of work towards you pick up and K 63 sts on each side (3 sts in each rib) and 4 sts over toe (2 on each needle). With 3rd needle P 1 row, K 1 row, P 1 row, bind off, first binding off a st from 1 needle with a K st and then binding off a st from the other needle with a P st, thus joining the slipper.

With Blue, crochet a beading of ch 2 and d c working an even number of meshes.

Scallop. Join White in mesh, * 4 d c with ch 1 be­tween in next mesh, s c in next mesh, repeat from * all around.

Lace ribbon through beading.

These Slippers will be equally attractive made of Shetland Floss.