The Co-ed Dress Pattern #170

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The Co-ed Dress Pattern #170

Size 34-36

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. Knitting and Crochet Cotton, 10 balls of color 48 Hunter's Green. (For blouse only, 4 balls). Set of 8 double pointed bone knitting needles 2½ mm. size (or circular steel knitting needle 2½ mm. size for skirt and set of 6 double pointed bone needles 3½ mm. size. Milward's steel crochet hook No. 5.

Gauge: Skirt—9 sts equal 1 inch; 12 rows equal 1 inch. Blouse—7 sts equal 1 inch; 9 rows equal 1 inch.

Skirt: Beginning at bottom, cast on 376 sts on 6 needles 2½ mm. size (or on circular needle). Work 3 inches in garter st (k 1 rnd, p 1 rnd). On next k-rnd, * k 92, p 2, repeat from * 3 more times. (These p sts give the appearance of a pleat that is continued to the top of skirt). Repeat this rnd until there are 24 rnds of stockinette. 25th rnd: * P 90, p 2 together, p 2 together, repeat from * around. 26th rnd: * K 90, p 2, repeat from * around. 27th rnd: P around. Work 24 rnds same as 26th rnd, then work a p-rnd, decreasing 2 sts on each of the 4 pleats as on 25th rnd.

Next rnd: * K 88, p 2, repeat from * around. P next row. ** Continue making 24 rnds in stockinette, then a p-rnd with 2 decreases at each pleat, then 1 k-rnd, then a p-rnd. Repeat from ** until 5 ridges in all have been made. From here on, work in stockinette, making the 2 decreases at each pleat (8 decreases) every 25th rnd for 8 times. Work straight 10 rnds. Make decreases next rnd, work straight 8 rnds, decrease next rnd, * work straight 4 rnds, decrease next rnd, repeat from * 5 more times. Bind off, but do not break thread. With crochet hook make beading as follows: s c in next st, ch 5, 1 sl st on wrong side of skirt in 6th rnd from top and 3 sts to the left of s c on edge of skirt, * ch 5, 1 sl st on edge in 6th st from last s c on edge, ch 5, 1 sl st in 6th rnd from top and 3 sts to left of last s c on edge. Repeat from * around. Fasten off and run elastic through beading.

Blouse: Beginning at neck, cast on 124 sts on 4 needles 2½ mm. size. Work rnds of ribbing of k 2, p 2 for 1⅛ inches. Change to 3½ mm. size needles, with 41 sts on 1st needle, 21 on 2nd, 41 on 3rd and 21 on 4th. 1st rnd: P around, casting on 1 st at beginning and at end of each needle (8 sts increased). The increases form lines that give the effect of raglan sleeves. 2nd rnd: K around. 3rd rnd: Work same as 1st rnd, this and subsequent odd rnds until there are 107 sts in each larger section and 87 sts in each smaller section. Even rnds are worked same as 2nd rnd.

   From here on, work back and forth along one 107-st section as follows: * work in stockinette for 15 rows, then make a ridge (2 purl rows), repeat from * 3 more times, work 15 rows stockinette, on the last row making 5 decreases (to decrease work 2 sts together). Change to 2½ mm. size needles and work ribbing of k 2, p 2, for 45 rows. Bind off. Work other 107-st section the same way.

Sleeves: Work back and forth on one 87-st section in stockinette, decreasing 1 st at end of every 5th row until 62 sts remain. Change to 2½ mm. size needles and work ribbing of k 2 p, p 2, for 45 rows. Bind off. Make other sleeve and sew up seams. Sew side seams and sew in sleeves.

The Co-ed Dress Pattern #170 swatch