Petal Pillow Pattern

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Petal Pillow Pattern

COATS & CLARK'S "RED HEART" KNITTING WORSTED, 4 Ply ("Tangle-Proof" Pull-Out Skeins): 6 ounces of No. 649 Olive Green.

Knitting needles, 1 pair No. 10½.

Milwards Tapestry Needle No. 18.

Round pillow 17 inches in diameter.

GAUGE: 4 sts = 1 inch;
8 rows = 1½ inches.

FRONT ... Starting at outer edge, cast on 180 sts. 1st row: K across. 2nd row (right side): P across. 3rd and 4th rows: K across. 5th row: P across. 6th row: K across. 7th and 8th rows: Repeat 5th and 6th rows. Next 3 rows: Repeat first through 3rd row. 12th row: * K 4, k 2 tog, place a marker on needle. Repeat from * across—150 sts. Next 7 rows: Repeat 5th through 8th row; then first through 3rd row. 20th row: * K to within 2 sts of next marker, k 2 tog. Repeat from * across—30 sts decreased. Repeat last 8 rows 3 times more—30 sts remain. Last 2 rows: Repeat 5th and 6th rows. Break off leaving an 18-inch length. Thread a tapestry needle with this length and slip remaining sts on it. Draw sts together tightly and fasten securely. Sew seam matching ridges. Using pins divide first ridge on outer edge into 8 equal parts. With right side facing using 2 strands of yarn and tapestry needle, draw first and 2nd ridges together at each pin with 2 overcast sts. Fasten securely on wrong side. In same way, draw 3rd and 4th ridges together having stitches in line with previous stitches. Draw together 5th and 6th ridges in same way.

BACK ... Starting at outer edge cast on 180 sts. Work in stockinette st (k 1 row, p 1 row) for 6 rows. 7th row: Repeat 12th row of Front—150 sts. 8th through 12th row: Work even. 13th row: Repeat 20th row of Front—30 sts decreased. Repeat last 6 rows until 30 sts remain. Work 2 rows even, then end off and sew seam same as Front. Press through damp cloth. Sew outer edges together inserting pillow before opening is entirely closed.