Hamaca Shrug Pattern #704-3

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Hamaca Shrug Pattern

Size 32 inches in length
Original made of Columbia Minerva Nugget—Color: Pink with Silver

Columbia Minerva Nugget (1 ounce ball) 4 Balls
Knitting Needles: 1 Pair "Boye" Size 3—10 inch; 1 Pair "Boye" Size 10½—10 inch
1 "Boye" Steel Crochet Hook Size 2

Gauge: 4 Sts. to 1 inch (Size 10½ Needles)

With Size 3 Needles cast on 72 Sts. Work in Ribbing of K.2. P.2, for 4 inches, increasing 16 Sts. across last row. Change to Size 10½ Needles and continue working in Ribbing of K.2, P.2. for 24 inches (28 inches from start). Change to Size 3 Needles and decrease 16 Sts. across row. Work in Ribbing of K.2, P.2. for 4 inches, bind off.

Sew seams of Cuffs. Work 2 rows of S.C. around all but cuff edges.

FRINGE: *Wind yarn around a 3½ inch cardboard 7 times. Slip yarn off cardboard. Do not cut Fringe. With Crochet Hook draw the 7 loops (at one end) through 1 St. at edge of Stole (having the 2 cut ends at outer edge), draw the Fringe through this loop, skip 2 Sts. at edge of Stole. Repeat from * around edge of Stole with exception of 6 inches at back of neck.