Mitten Pattern #513

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Mitten Pattern #513

Size 8—10 years

YARN: 2-ounces blue 4-ply Knitting Worsted
1-ounce white for Design
NEEDLES: 1-pr. No. 3 Single Pointed
Two stitch holders.

GAUGE: 6½ sts to an inch.

   CUFF: Using the background color, cast on 42 sts and work in tight ribbing of k 1, p 1, for 2½ inches. Tie in white yarn. Next row: Working in stockinette stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row) start the pattern on the first 21 sts following the chart. The 21 sts of the inside of the mitten are made with the background color. After 4 rows start the thumb gusset as follows: Pattern across 21 sts, increase 1 st in next st, k 1, increase 1 st in next st, knit 18 sts. Next row: With background color, purl 23 sts, pattern across last 21 sts. 2nd inc: Pattern across 21 sts, inc. 1 st in next st, k 3, inc. 1 st in next st, knit 18 sts. Continue increasing in the same manner, keeping pattern on the first 21 sts and having 2 more sts between each increase on every other row until there are 9 sts between increases; ending with a purl row.

   Thumb Separation: Work pattern across 21 sts and place onto a st holder, knit 13 sts and leave on the needle, place remaining 18 sts onto a 2nd st holder. Working in stockinette stitch on the 13 sts of the thumb, cast on 1 st at each side (15 sts). Work until the piece measures 2¼ inches from cast on sts. Next knit row. Knit 2 sts together across row. Break yarn leaving 12 inches. Thread a darning needle and draw thru remaining sts and fasten tightly on wrong side of work. Sew up thumb.

   Hand: Place the 21 sts off first holder onto needle, tie in yarn and pick up and knit 3 sts at base of thumb, place remaining sts off 2nd st holder onto left hand needle, knit across with background color. Work even until 34 rows have been completed. Place a marker after the 21st stitch of pattern on back of hand. Keeping pattern: Knit side pattern of back, k 2 tog, knit across inside back to within 2 sts of side pattern, slip 1, k 1, psso, knit side pattern, slip marker, k 2 tog, knit to within last 3 sts, slip 1, k 1, psso, k 1. Next row: Work back in the pattern. Repeat these last 2 rows until 22 sts remain. Break yarn leaving 14 inches. Finish as tip of thumb.

   LEFT MITTEN: Cuff: Work as the right one. When time to start the pattern, (follow the pattern from left to right) work first 21 sts with background color, then work remaining 21 sts in pattern. To start the thumb increases: k 18 sts, increase 1 st in next st, k 1, inc. 1 st in next st, pattern on last 21 sts. Finish remainder of mitten to correspond to the right one.

Mitten Pattern #513 chart