Juvenile Styles | Volume No. 4 | Juvenile Styles Publishing

Juvenile Styles | Volume No. 4

Juvenile Styles
Volume 4
Juvenile Styles Publishing Company
Original Copyright 1939

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Patterns Included: 
Baby's Three Piece Crocheted Set, Sailor's Sweetheart Crocheted Jacket, Swiss Shalet Crocheted Coat and Hat, Convalescing Jacket Ensemble, His Majesty Knitted Infant Set, Royal Highness Cape and Hood, Linda Coat and Bonnet, Bonnie Annie Laurie Plaid Coat and Bonnet, Sunny Slip-Over, Cardigan and Panties, Land of Nod Five Piece Ensemble with Carriage Robe, Tyrol Knitted Jacket and Hat, Goldilocks Little Princess Dress, Boy Blue Four Piece Boy's Ensemble, Majorette Knitted Jacket and Hat, Colleen Jerkin, Socks, and Beanie, Spiral Socks and Slip-Over, Queen of Hearts Six Piece Ensemble, Aloha Herringbone Coat and Hat.

Dedicated to those who Knit "Smartly..."

Here are new worlds for you to conquer ... in a book that meets the needs of both beginner and expert in the art of knitting and crocheting. Here are complete instructions that can be followed with the utmost confidence. Explore this treasury of ORIGINAL DESIGNS. Your needles will experience new thrills. You'll have lots of fun. And your children will look smarter than ever before. This book is yours!