Mary's Dollies | Volume No. 5 | Juvenile Styles Publishing

Mary's Dollies | Volume No. 5

Mary's Dollies
Volume 5
Juvenile Styles Publishing Company
Original Copyright 1941

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Patterns Included: 
Olga Skating Outfit, Mayree Party Frock, Goldilocks Princess Dress and Beret, Julianna Ski Suit, Arlene Bathing Ensemble, Annabelle Sport Suit.

Miss Victory is the doll of the hour!

Every little girl loves to play Mama with her dolly. Especially when she can dress dolly in clothes which were hand-knit or crocheted by you (dolly's grandma). This book contains six adorable and distinctive costumes for the best-dressed doll in the neighborhood. Here are costumes for vacation time and party time. The directions are easy-to-follow . . . the materials are inexpensive. Here are happy moments in knitting for you and years of thrilling memories for good little girls who are near and dear to you. These costumes will look particularly stunning on Miss Victory.