Plaid Knitted Envelope Pattern #2057

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Plaid Knitted Envelope Pattern #2057

Materials: J. & P. Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen, 1 ball of White; or Clark's O.N.T. Knit-Crochet, 2 balls of White. 1 ball each of 9 Yellow, and 26 Nile Green. Milward's knitting pins No. 1 (2½ mm. size).

For a bag 9½ inches wide, cast on 68 sts with White. (To change size, allow 8 sts for each inch). The entire bag is knitted in garter st. K 10 rows of White, k 2 rows of Yellow, * k 4 rows of White, k 2 rows of Green, k 4 rows of White, k 2 rows of Yellow. Repeat from * once. Continue with White until work is about 14½ inches long. Bind off.

Thread a tapestry needle with 4 strands of Yellow about 6 inches longer than twice the length of the knitted piece. Beginning at bound off end, count in 7 sts from left side and run the thread through the 7th st of each ridge, keeping work straight. At the end, turn and run the thread back in loops next to last row. With Green work the same way, leaving a sp of 2 sts between stripes. Work another stripe of Yellow, another Green and another Yellow, leaving a sp of 2 sts between stripes.

Fold a piece of 9 by 9½ inch buckram or similar stiffening material through the center, to make interlining 4½ by 9½ inches. Sew knitted cover to lining and fasten flap with snap fasteners. With suitable material, line inside of bag.

The effect of this bag can be changed entirely by using a dark color for the bag, plaided with colors in vivid contrast—such as a Skipper Blue bag with a plaid design of Spanish Red and Hunter's Green.