Bathroom Rug with Fringe Pattern #250

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Bathroom Rug with Fringe Pattern #250

Clark's O.N.T. Knitting and Crochet Cot­ton, 2 balls (or J. & P. Coats Crochet Cord, 5 balls).
J. & P. Coats Bias Trim, double fold, 5 pkgs. of one color (referred to as Color A in instructions); 3 pkgs. of a second color (Color B); 2 pkgs. of a third color (Color C).
1 pair bone knitting needles No. 4.

Bathroom rugs require frequent launderings, and only Boilfast colors should be used in the making. Clark's O.N.T. and J. & P. Coats products are guar­anteed Boilfast, and we suggest the following color combinations:

Knitting and Crochet Cotton 2 balls,
(or Crochet Cord, 5 balls)
1. Color 26 Nile Green, and Bias Trim as follows:
5 pkgs. Color 57A Dk. Nile Green (Color A)
3 pkgs. Color 75 Orange (Color B)
2 pkgs. 49 Brown (Color C)
2. Color 68 Skipper Blue, and Bias Trim as follows:
5 pkgs. Color 9 Yale Blue (Color A)
3 pkgs. Color 5 Copenhagen (Color B)
2 pkgs. Color 32 Rose Pink (Color C)
3. Color 88 Peach, and Bias Trim as follows:
5 pkgs. 161 Peach or 134 Honey Dew (Color A)
3 pkgs. Color 131 Jade (Color B)
2 pkgs. Color 97A Dk. Orchid (Color C)

This rug is made in 6 separate strips, which are then sewed together. Only one color of thread is used throughout, and three harmonizing colors of Bias Trim. Nothing but the thread is ever on needles, and the Bias Trim is woven back and forth between stitches.

Keep the thread on your left side, and the Bias Trim on the right. Knit very loosely. 1st piece: Cast on 12 sts. Knit off all sts onto a second needle. Then slip 1st st. Take up Color B Bias Trim and hold end in back of right hand needle with index finger of left hand. With thumb of left hand bring Bias Trim directly in back of left hand needle, and knit off 2nd st. The thread is always over index finger of left hand, even when changing needles at end of rows. Then, with thumb of left hand, bring Bias Trim forward between needles, and knit off 3rd st. With both thumbs push Bias Trim back, close to left hand needle, and knit. Repeat this weaving back and forth between sts until strip is two-thirds of desired length. 2nd piece: Make a second strip the same size and color as the first. 3rd piece: Cast on 48 sts, and use Color A Bias Trim for weaving back and forth. Make the same length as the 2nd and 3rd strips. (If you should have difficulty working with so many stitches, you can break this piece up into 2 strips, 24 sts for each). Now sew the 1st and 2nd pieces on each side of the 3rd piece, placing all pieces lengthwise and being careful to have them lie flat. Crosswise measurement of these three joined pieces is the finished width. 4th piece: Cast on 14 sts, and with Color A Bias Trim make a strip the same length as the finished width. Sew this to the joined pieces across one end. 5th piece: Cast on 14 sts, and with Color C Bias Trim, make a strip the same length as the 4th piece. Sew this parallel to 4th piece. 6th piece: Cast on 12 sts, and with Color B Bias Trim, make same length as 4th piece. Sew this parallel to 5th piece.

FRINGE. Finish 2 or 3 sides of rug with sc and p, and fringe on ends.