Skirt Pattern

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Skirt Pattern

Size small
Sizes medium and large are in parentheses

2 (3-3) skeins Knitting Worsted or Orion Sayelle (4 oz. skein)
1 circular knitting needle 24" long No. 8
Elastic for waistband

GAUGE: 5 sts. = 1 inch

NOTE: Instructions are written for finished length of skirt to waist 16 (17-18) inch. Make any neces­sary adjustment in length before the first decr. round.

   Cast on 200 (210-220) sts. with No. 8 circular needle. Join being careful not to twist sts. K around for 1 inch. P 1 round for hemline. Work even for 4 (5-6) inch. 1st decr. round: * K38 (40-42), K2 tog. repeat from * around. Work even on 195 (206-215) sts. for 1½ inch. 2nd decr. round: * K37 (39-41), K2 tog. repeat from * around. Work even on 190 (200-210) sts. for 1½ inch. Cont. to work this way having 1 st. less between decr. every 1 inch 4 times more (170 (180-190) sts. left); then every ½ inch 9 times (125 (135-145) sts. left). Work even for ½ inch. P 1 round. Cont. to K around for 1 inch more for waistband. Bind off.

   Sew up bottom hem. Sew waistband to wrong side leaving ½ inch open to pull elastic through. Block to size.