Men's Cable Stitch Ski Socks | No. 4709

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Size 8 or 9

Materials Required—
, Article W11
2-1 ¼ oz. skeins White.
18 yds. Blue.
25 yds. Cardinal.
4 double pointed bone knitting needles #6.
Bone crochet hook #4 or 5.
1 pair leather soles.

With White on three needles cast on 50 sts (18-16-16) and work in ribbing of K 1, P 1 for 2 inches.

Next 5 Rounds—P 1, K 6, P 1, K remainder of round.

6th Round—(Cable st round)—P 1, slip next 3 sts on spare needle and hold in back of work, K next 3 sts, then K the 3 sts from spare needle, P 1, K remainder of round.

Repeat the last 6 rounds 4 times. The cable st stripe is the center of slipper and is worked throughout.

Next Round—P 1, K 6, P 1, K 8, bind off next 26 sts for heel, K 8, then with same needle, P 1, K 6, P 1, K 8. All sts on 1 needle. The remainder of slipper is worked back and forth.

Next Row—P 8, K 1, P 6, K 1, P 8.

Next Row—K 8, P 1, K 6, P 1, K 8.

Next Row—P 8, K 1, P 6, K 1, P 8.

Next Row—Cable st row, then continue in same manner working a cable st row every 6th row until work measures 13 inches from beginning.

Next Row—Decrease 2 sts at beginning and 2 sts at end of row then work 1 row even. Repeat the last 2 rows.

Next Row—Decrease 1 st at the beginning and 1 st at end of row, bind off.

Without breaking yarn work a row of s c all around working 1 s c in every other row on sides and 1 s c in each st around heel and toe, break White. Attach Cardinal and work 1 s c in each s c, drop Cardinal. Attach Blue and work same as last row, break Blue. Pick up Cardinal and work 1 s c in each s c, break yarn. With Blue work a row of overcasting st on each side of cable working over every other st.

Sew upper section to sole with color using an overcast stitch.

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