Dickey Pattern | Style No. 148

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This free pattern originally published in the Botany College Hand Knits, Volume II, in 1958.

MATERIALS: BOTANY NYLON and WOOL SPORT, 7-1 oz. skeins. or BOTANY CLASSIC SPORT, 6-1 oz. skeins

KNITTING NEEDLES: "Boye" 10-in. Double Pointed Non-Inflammable Needles, 2 pairs Size 2 -OR SIZE YOU REQUIRE TO KNIT TO GAUGE GIVEN BELOW.

GAUGE: 10 sts = 1 inch

FRONT - Cast on 120 sts. Work k 1, p 1 ribbing until 10 ins. from beg.

Shoulders - Bind off 30 sts at beg. of each of next 2 rows. Place remaining 60 sts on holder.

BACK - Work same as front.

NECK - Take up 120 sts and divide evenly on 3 needles. Continue k 1, p 1 ribbing for 4 ½ ins. Bind off.

FINISHING - Sew shoulder seams. From right side, work 1 row sc on side edges. Steam.

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