Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater Pattern #C-151

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Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater

Sizes 12, 14 and 16

Directions are given for Size 12.
Changes for Sizes 14 and 16 are in parentheses.

MATERIALS: CHADWICK'S RED HEART SOCK AND SWEATER YARN, 3 Ply, Shrink-and-Stretch Resist Finish, Art. E.255: 6 (6, 7) skeins (1 oz. "Tangle-Proof" Pull-out Skeins) of No. 848 Skipper Blue. ... Milwards "Phantom" Aluminum Knitting Pins or Clark's O.N.T. Plastic Knitting Pins, 1 pair No. 1 (2½ mm. size). ... Milwards "Phantom" Aluminum Double-pointed Sock Needles, or Clark's O.N.T. Plastic Double-Pointed Sock Needles, 1 set No. 1 (2½ mm. size). ... Clark's O.N.T. Plastic Crochet Hook No. 1.

GAUGE: 9 sts make 1 inch; 11 rows make 1 inch.

BLOCKING MEASUREMENTS: Bust—32 (34, 36) inches; Width across back or front at underarm—16 (17, 18) inches; Length from shoulder to lower edge—18½ (18½, 19½) inches; Length of side seam—11 (11, 11½) inches.

FRONT ... Starting at lower edge, cast on 123 (129, 135) sts. Work in rib pattern as follows: 1st row: K 3, * p 3, k 3. Repeat from * across. 2nd row: P 3, * k 3, p 3. Repeat from * across. The last 2 rows constitute pattern. Keeping continuity of pattern, inc 1 st at both ends of every 8th row thereafter until there are on needle 147 (153, 159) sts. Work without decreasing until piece measures in all 11 (11, 11½) inches. Place a marker at both ends of next row (start of armholes). Now work without increasing until piece measures from marker 5 (5, 5½) inches, ending with 2nd row of pattern.

To Shape Neck: Work in pattern over the first 82 (85, 88) sts. Place the last 17 sts just worked on a stitch holder to be worked later for turtleneck. Work in pattern across the last 65 (68, 71) sts.

Turn and work in pattern over the last set of sts only, binding off 2 sts at neck edge on every other row 6 times, then decreasing 1 st at neck edge on every other row until there remain 49 (52, 55) sts. Work without decreasing until piece measures 7½ (7½, 8) inches from marker, ending at neck edge. Break off. Place a marker to indicate shoulder.

Attach yarn to opposite side of neck and work other side to correspond, reversing shaping and ending at side edge. Place a marker to indicate shoulder.

BACK ... Next row: Work in pattern across the 49 (52, 55) sts of one front, cast on loosely 49 sts for back of neck, work across the 49 (52, 55) sts of other front. Work in pattern over these 147 (153, 159) sts until piece measures 7½ (7½, 8) inches from shoulder marker. Place a marker for armhole. Complete to correspond with Front, making decreases where increases were previously made. Bind off loosely.

TURTLENECK ... With double-pointed needles and right side facing, pick up and k 49 sts from cast-on sts at back of neck, pick up and knit 33 sts along left neck edge. Work in pattern across the 17 sts from front stitch holder, pick up and k 33 sts along right neck edge. Divide sts among 3 needles and work in rnds of k 3, p 3 ribbing, being careful to maintain the pattern over the 17 sts at front, until turtleneck measures 6 inches. Bind off loosely in ribbing.

Block to measurements. Sew side seams to markers. With crochet hook and right side facing, work a row of sc around armhole edges.

Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater Swatch