Turtle Neck Shell | Style No. 7511

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SIZE 14 to 16

1 Pr. Champion Standard Knitting Needles #8
1 Bone Crochet Hook #3
3-4 oz. pull skeins, Jack Frost Wintuk Knitting Worsted type

Scale — 4 sts. to 1 inch.


Cast on 69 sts. work in pattern as follows:

Row 1 — (Right side) purl across the row.

Row 2 — K1, P1 across the row, ending K1.

Repeat these 2 rows for pattern, work to underarm 13 inches. Bind off 4 sts. each side then work until armhole measures 7 ½ inches. Bind off 10 sts at the beginning of each row twice each side, then start pattern on row 2, this reverses pattern. Work for 6 inches. Bind off.


Work the same as back to underarm. Bind off 4 sts. each side. Work until armhole measures 5 ½ inches, slip the center 15 sts. on st. holder. Work 1 side at a time K2 tog. at neck edge every other row 3 times. Work even until armhole measures the same as back. Bind off 10 sts. from shoulder edge every other row twice. Work other side the same.


On wrong side of work pick up 47 sts. from shoulder to shoulder. Work in pattern for 6 inches. Bind off.


Sew sides and shoulders, sew side of collar with a slip st. Work 2 rows of single crochet around armhole. Bind off.

Block with a damp cloth.

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