Womens Sweater Patterns

Snow Daisies Cardigan Pattern #1281

Snow Daisies Cardigan Pattern

Flowers sprinkled over a heavy cardigan for outdoors. Plenty of room for a sweater underneath.

Success Girl Sweater Pattern #1291

Success Girl Sweater Pattern

The sweater most-likely-to-succeed anywhere … simple, charming and ideal for office work. Light weight wool for under suits

Reliable Cardigan Pattern #1285

Reliable Cardigan Pattern

A new twist on an old favorite ... with double yarn this short cardigan will be easy to own ... note the roomy pockets.

Best Beloved Cardigan Pattern #1287

Best Beloved Cardigan Pattern

Popular with mothers and their young daughters, this cardigan is a must in sweater wardrobes.

Raglan Classic Pullover Pattern #1289

Raglan Classic Pullover Pattern

Our raglan ribbed pullover,with round neck and long sleeves. Grand and warm with a tweed skirt.

Best Pal Cardigan Pattern #1279

Best Pal Cardigan Pattern

9 o'clock wonder ... the all-day cardigan a busy girl wants. Lovely waffle-front knit, long smart sleeves to keep you warm.


Victory Girl Sweater Pattern #1278

Victory Girl Sweater Pattern

The sweater that goes everywhere, does everything ... note that extra-smart turtle neck.


Tee Off Sweater Pattern #1293

Tee Off Sweater Pattern

Here's a smoothie for fit … a workman­like knitted jerkin with that new extra-length appeal.

Pullover Pattern

Pullover Pattern

Size 14
1 Pr. Standard No. 2 Needles
1 Pr. Standard No. 5 Needles

SCALE: 6½ sts to 1 in.

Eyelet Ribbed Pullover Pattern

Eyelet Ribbed Pullover Pattern

Size 14
1 Pr. Standard No. 2 Needles
1 Pr. Standard No. 4 Needles

SCALE: 7½ sts to 1 in.

Jack Frost Fingering Fleece—6 1-oz. Balls

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