Red and White Striped Afghan | Number 742-10 | Afghan Pattern

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This free pattern originally published by Columbia Minerva as Afghans by Columbia Minerva , Volume No. 742.

Approximate Size: 46" x 68"


Columbia-Minerva Nantuk 4 ply Knitting Yarn (Knitting Worsted size-2 or 4 oz skein)-16 ounces of Light Color and 20 ounces of Dark Color
Columbia-Minerva Knitting Worsted (4 oz skein)-4 skeins of Light Color and 5 skeins of Dark Color


4 ply
Light Color-White
Dark Color-Red

Knitting Needles: 1 pair "Boye" Size 10 ½ and 1 "Hiawatha" blunt end tapestry needle

Gauge: 4 sts to 1 inch; 5 rows to 1 inch

PATTERN STITCH: Cast on 25 sts. Row 1-(Right side of work), K 3, P 1 in loop between sts (inc), P 7, yo, K 3 tog, yo (wrapping yarn around needle), P 8, K 2 tog, K 2. Row 2-P 3, K 8, P 3, K 8, P 3. Repeat these 2 rows 8 times more. Row 19-K 2, sl 1, K 1, psso, P 8, yo, sl 1, K 2 tog, psso, yo (wrapping yarn around needle), P 7, P 1 st in loop between sts, K3. Row 20-P 3, K 8, P 3, K 8, P 3. Repeat last 2 rows 8 times more. Repeat pat from Row 1 (36 rows) 8 times more, then repeat Rows 1 through 18, bind off.

AFGHAN: Make 4 strips with Dark Color and 3 strips with Light Color.

TO JOIN: Weave or sew strips tog on wrong side of work neatly (to make Afghan reversible), alternating Light and Dark Colors and having Dark Color at each side.

DOUBLE KNOT FRINGE: Wind yarn over a 7 ½ inch cardboard. Cut strands at one end. Fold and knot 6 strands of Dark Color across each end of Afghan at joining of strips, at each eyelet in center of strips and at each corner. Fold and knot Light Color fringe evenly spaced between Dark Color fringe. Separate strands and knot again.

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