Infant's Surplice Sweater and Bootees Pattern

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Infant's Surplice Sweater and Booties Pattern

Materials for Set

CYNTHIA Bay-Bee Yarn or CYNTHIA Shet­land Floss: 3 ozs. Sky Blue No. 353, 1 oz. White No. 300.
One pair bone needles No. 4 (3½ MM).
Four 7" double pointed bone needles No. 2 (2¾ MM).
One yard ¼ inch satin rib­bon

Gauge: 6 sts = 1 inch (sweater); 7 sts = 1 inch (bootees)


Back: Cast on 54 sts on No. 4 needles and work ribbing of K 1, P 1 for 1½ inches. Change to garter st (K every row). Work even for 4½ inches. Cast on 10 sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows, and 8 sts at the beginning of the next 4 rows (26 sts for each sleeve). Work even for 2¾ inches, then k 43 sts and slip on thread, bind off the next 20 sts (back of neck) and K remaining 43 sts. K back to neck edge. Next row: K 2 sts, increase 1 st in the 3 rd st, K to end of row. Next row: K even. Repeat these 2 rows, in­creasing 1 st in the 3rd st on front edge every other row for 2¾ inches, then bind off sleeve stitches (8 sts every other row twice and 10 sts once); continue increases on front edge until there are 53 sts; cast on 5 sts on front edge and work ribbing (K 1, P 1) for 1½ inches. Bind off. Slip stitches from thread, tie in yarn at neck edge and work to correspond with left front.

Cuff: Pick up 30 sts around sleeve edge and work ribbing for 1½ inches. Bind off. Sew sleeve and underarm seams.

With white, work 1 row SC around fronts, neck edge and cuffs, working 2 loops for button holes on edge of ribbing on right front. Sew two small pearl buttons on ribbing at each side.


With White, cast on 36 sts on double pointed needles and K 3 rows. 4th row: Tie in Sky Blue and K across row. 5th row: K 1, purl across row to the last st, K 1. 6th row: * K 3, P 3, repeat from * to the last 6 sts, K 3, P 2, K 1. 7th row: K 1, purl to the last st, K 1. 8th row: K 1, P 2, K 3, * P 3, K 3, repeat from * to end of row. 9th row: repeat 5th row. Repeat the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th rows five times. Tie in White and K 6 rows (3 ridges) even, break off White, pick up Sky Blue and K 24 rows (12 ridges) even. Next row: K 2, * yarn over, K 2 together, K 1, repeat from * across, ending K 2. K 8 rows (4 ridges) even. Next row: Slip first 12 sts on 3rd needle. Tie in White, K 12 sts and slip remaining 12 sts on another needle. K even on center 12 instep sts for 24 rows (12 ridges), break off White. With 3rd needle and Sky Blue, pick up 12 sts on side of instep, K across the 12 instep sts, pick up 12 sts on other side of instep and K remaining 12 sts. Work 11 rows even, then decrease 1 st at heel ends of side needles and 2 sts in center of instep sts every row 5 times. Bind off.

Join soles and weave ribbon through openwork row at ankles.