Knitted Baby Set | No. 612

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American Thread Company
"Silkine" Pearl Cotton size 5
15 medium or 5 large Balls Shade #1222 Pale Pink
1 Ball White
1 Pr. Bone Knitting Needles #3
4 Steel Knitting Needles #13
Steel Crochet Hook #5
4 yards of narrow ribbon.


Jacket and Cap

13 sts=2 inches 20 rows=2 inches


17 sts=2 inches 34 rows=2 inches


With Pink and #3 needles cast on 65 sts and K 12 rows.

Next Row. K 5, P 5, repeat to end of row.

Next Row. P 5, K 5, repeat to end of row. Repeat the last 2 rows.

Next Row. K 5, P 5, repeat to end of row. Repeat these 5 rows twice making 3 rows of blocks. K 56 rows.

Next 2 Rows. Cast on 22 sts for sleeves and K 32 rows.

Next Row. K 47, bind off next 15 sts for back of neck, K 47 and continue work on front. K 14 rows.

Next Row. Cast on 10 sts for front of neck and K 10 rows.

Next Row. Bind off 22 sleeve sts and K 56 rows then finish front with border same as back. Work other front to correspond.

COLLAR. Pick up 50 sts around neck, K 4 rows, work 2 block patterns and K 8 rows.

CUFFS. Pick up sts at lower edge of sleeve. K 2 rows, work 1 block pattern, K 6 rows. Sew underarm seams. With White, crochet 1 row of s c all around Jacket.

2nd Row. 4 s c, picot, repeat all around and finish with ribbon ties as illustrated.


With Pink and #3 needles cast on 80 sts, K 4 rows, work 2 rows of block pattern same as Jacket and K 54 rows.

Next Row. Decrease (K 2 together) in 13th, 26th, 39th, 52nd and 66th sts. Decrease in same decreasing points every other row 4 times.

Next Row. Decrease 1 st each end, making 7 decreasing points. Continue decreasing at these 7 points every other row until 14 sts remain, draw thread through these sts, draw tight and sew back seam.

Pick up sts at neck of cap and K 6 rows, bind off. Finish cap with crocheted edge same as jacket and finish with ribbon rosettes as illustrated.


With Pink on Steel Needles cast on 40 sts and K 6 rows. Work 1 block pattern same as Jacket, K 2 rows.

Next Row Beading. K 1, * over, 2 together, repeat from * to end of row. K 42 rows and repeat beading and K 2 rows.

Next Row. Slip 15 sts all a spare needle, and K on next 10 sts leaving remaining sts on third needle. K 32 rows on 10 sts for instep, break thread. Join at side needle K 15, pick up 16 sts at side of instep, K 10 instep sts, pick up 16 sts on other side of instep, K 15 sts. K 12 rows decreasing at toe end of side needles every other row. Continue knitting, decreasing at heel end of side needles every other row and in center of instep needle until 2 sts remain, slip one on each side needle, K 2 rows, bind off. Sew seams and finish with crocheted edge same as Jacket and Cap. Lace ribbon through beading.

This set may also be made in any of the following Threads: "Star" Crochet Cord, "Gem" or "De Luxe" Crochet and Knitting Cotton.

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