Man's Mittens Pattern #2127

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2—1¼ oz Skeins.
4 Double Pointed Bone Needles Number 1.

On 3 needles cast on 48 sts (16-16-16) and K 2, P 2 for  3½ inches.
Next round starts the thumb. 1st needle K 2 sts in 1st stitch, K 2, K 2 sts in 4th stitch, complete round and work 1 round even.
3rd Round. K 2 sts in 1st stitch, K 4, K 2 sts in next st, complete round and work 1 round even. Continue increasing for thumb every other round until there are 22 sts between increases. K 1 round even. Slip the 22 thumb sts on a thread, cast on 4 sts over gusset and work 3 rounds decreasing 2 sts each round over the gusset. Divide the sts (15-15-16) and work even for 3¼ inches.
Next Round. K 2 sts together at the beginning and end of each needle and work 1 round even. Continue de­creasing in same manner every other round until 6 sts remain, draw yarn through these and fasten firmly.

Thumb. Pick up the 22 thumb sts and the 4 cast on sts having 8 sts on 1st 2 needles and 10 sts on other needle, decrease gusset same as hand and work even for 1½ inches, then decrease same as mitten.
Work other mitten to correspond.