Sweater Fashions | Book No. 80 | The Spool Cotton Company

Sweater Fashions | Book No. 80 | The Spool Cotton Company

Sweater Fashions
Book No. 80
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1936

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Patterns Included: 
Modernist Pullover, Feather-in-Your-Cap Cardigan, British Classics Pullover, British Classics Cardigan, The Turnabout Cardigan, Padded Shoulder Cardigan, Cosmopolitan Pullover, Softie Junior Pullover, Swing Time Pullover, Softie Pullover, Monogram Pullover.

Let’s Make Sweaters

The fashion slogan is "Let's Make Sweaters". From coast to coast, knitting needles and crochet hooks are flying, fashioning classic sweaters, tailored cardigans, soft dressmaker blouses, which are wholly American in their dash and originality.

To have a complete sweater wardrobe is the desire of the modern sportswoman. For her country week-ends, she pulls on a soft British Classics type sweater, with a twin cardigan to top it off. For active winter sports she wants a warm closely-knit sweater, and she may choose the hardy turtle-neck type or one of the new Tyrolean coat sweaters which are so young and gay. When she travels to town, she wears a soft feminine blouse with her suit.

Sweaters go around the clock and around the seasons these days. Whether or not you have time on your hands, whether or not you are an expert knitter or crocheter, whether you want your sweaters in wool or in cotton, you will find here smart easy-to-make sweaters.

Sweater Silhouettes

Sweaters follow closely the fashion trend, and are smart and flattering. Shoulders are squared off, puffed, or padded to give the new silhouette. While the classic casual sports sweater retains its comfortable loose­ness, the jacket or coat sweater has become a trifle shorter, with molded body and cute pocket and collar detail.

News in Stitches

The smartest new sweaters rely on texture as well as line for their appeal. By a judicious combination of the elementary knitting and crochet stitches, or by using two strands of yarn in different colors, tweed effects, her­ringbone weaves and soft spongy wools may be suggested. In this new fabric guise, sweaters tailor easily.

Fashion Dictates Color

After a season of gay colors, scrambled together, matching colors appear on the horizon again. Sweaters may match skirts exactly; cardigans are real twins of the pullover, in color as well as stitch.

Of course you may still mix colors in your sweaters and skirts. Or you may make your sweater to match a skirt and wear a contrasting jacket or leather jerkin.

For fall and winter, the warmth of your color is as important as that of your sweater. All the autumn leaf shades are cheerful in knit-wear. Greens, deep soft ones shading to Mint Green, Autumn Glow and Paris Blues are all favorites.

Crochet Patterns: