Knitted Soakers Pattern #5308

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Knitted Soakers Pattern #5308

2—1 oz. Balls White.
1 Pair each of Knitting Needles No. 1 and No. 3.
Bone Crochet Hook No. 4.

GAUGE. 6 sts = 1 inch. 10 rows = 1 inch.

On No. 1 needles, cast on 64 sts and work 6 rows of ribbing (K 2, P 2).
Next Row. * K 2, yarn over, P 2 together, repeat from * across row, (beading).
Next Row. * K 2, P 2, repeat from * across row, then work 5 more rows of ribbing. The remainder of soaker is worked in pattern.
PATTERN. * P 1, K 2, P 1, repeat from * across row.
2nd Row. Purl across row. Repeat these 2 rows for pattern. Change to No. 3 needles and work even in pattern for 5 inches then decrease 1 st at each side of each row until 26 sts remain. Work 6 rows even, then increase 1 st each side of each row until there are 68 sts on needle, keeping pattern straight, work even for 5 inches. Finish ribbing to correspond to front.
With No. 1 needles and right side of work toward you, pick up 62 sts around leg edge and work in ribbing for ½ inch, bind off.
Work other leg to correspond. Fold in half and sew side seams. With double yarn crochet a ch about 24 inches long and lace through beading at top. Finish with pompons.
POMPONS. Wind 50 strands over an inch cardboard, tie around center and trim into a ball.