Perron Sport Angora Blouse Pattern

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Perron Sport Angora Blouse Pattern

Size 14

1 Pr. Standard No. 0 Needles—14 in.
1 Pr. Standard No. 3 Needles—14 in.

Scale: 8 sts. to 1 in.

Jack Frost Sport Angora—7 155-yd. Balls

BACK: With No. 0 Needles cast on 124 sts. K. 1, P. 1, for 8 in. Change to No. 3 Needles and work in garter st. for 5 in. or desired length to underarm. Bind off 5 sts. at the beginning of the next 2 rows, then decrease 1 st. at each end every other row 8 times. Work even until armhole measures 7 in. from 1st bound off sts. at underarm, or desired length to back of neck. Bind off 8 sts. at the beginning of the next 8 rows. Bind off remaining sts. for back of neck.

RIGHT FRONT: With No. 0 Needles cast on 74 sts. Work as follows: K. 9, P. 1, K. 1, across row. Row 2—P. 1, K. 1, over 65 sts., P. 2, K. 7. Repeat above 2 rows for 1½ in. then start 1st buttonhole as follows: K. 3, Y. O., K. 2 tog., K. 4, work across row. Work back in Pat. Buttonholes are made every inch until 15 buttonholes have been made. Work even for 8 in. from 1st cast on sts. Change to No. 3 Needles, and work in garter st., continuing to keep buttonhole band as described above. Work even for 5½ in., or desired length to underarm, then bind off 8 sts. at underarm side once, and decrease 1 st. at underarm side every other row 10 times. After the 5th decrease has been made, start decreasing 1 st. at neck edge every 3rd row after the buttonhole band, 17 times. Work even until armhole cor­responds with back. Starting at shoulder edge, bind off 8 sts. every other row 4 times. On remaining sts., work even in garter st. for desired length around back of neck. Bind off. Work other side to correspond, omitting buttonholes. Sew shoulder seams. Sew garter st. band around back of neck and join to other front.

SLEEVES: With No. 3 Needles, on right side of garment, pick up 30 sts. across top of shoulder. K. back, increasing to 60 sts. Pick up 5 sts. at end of row. Work back and forth in garter st., picking up 5 sts. at end of each row until 120 sts. are on the needle, and sleeve has been picked up from end to end of armhole. Work 4 rows even. Decrease 1 st. at each end every 4th row until 100 sts. are on the needle. Work even until sleeve measures 5 in. Change to No. 0 Needles, decreasing to 74 sts. at even intervals across the row. Work in ribbing of K. 1, P. 1, for 2½ in. Bind off.
Sew underarm and sleeve seams.