Panties Pattern

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Panties Pattern

1 4-oz. Skein Knitting Worsted
1 pr. Size 5 Standard Knitting Needles
Size 4 White Crochet Hook

Gauge: 6 sts to 1 in.; 5 ridges to 1 in.

Cast on 122 sts. Work in ribbing of K 1, P 1, for 6 rows, then work beading as follows: K 1, * Y O, K 2 tog.; repeat from * ending P 1.
Work in ribbing of K 1, P 1, for 7 rows, then work as follows:
Row 1—K 3, slip 1, K 1, P S S O; K across row, ending K 2 tog., K 3.
Row 2—K 3, P 1; K across row, ending P 1, K3. Repeat above 2 rows, decreasing 1 st at each end every other row, until 8 sts remain, then working in garter st only, work as follows:
Row 1—K 2, K 2 tog., K 2 tog., K 2.
Rows 2 and 4—Knit.
Row 3—K 1, K 2 tog., K 2 tog., K 1.
Row 5—K 2 tog., twice, then K last 2 sts tog.
Sew sides of ribbing tog. Fold panties so that points meet seam of ribbing. Sew the first 3½ in on each side of point to the first 3½ in. below rib­bing, leaving a free space for leg opening. Crochet a ch of desired length, to draw through beading at waistband. Trim with pompoms.