Jack Be Nimble Outfit Pattern #5111

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Jack Be Nimble Outfit Pattern #5111

Size 1

CHADWICK'S RED HEART BABY POMPADOUR, 4 balls (1 oz. Balls) for set.
Milward's Phantom Knitting Pins, 1 pair No. 4 (3½ mm. size).
1 skein of fine Angora for trimming.
½ yd. elastic.
2  buttons.

GAUGE: 6½ sts make 1 inch; 9 rows make 1 inch.


BACK … Cast on 48 sts. Work in ribbing of k 2, p 2, for 1 inch. Next row: K across, increasing 12 sts evenly across (60 sts). Following row: K 2, p to within last 2 sts, k 2. Next row: K across. Repeat the last 2 rows alternately for 7 inches. Place a marker at both ends of work to indicate end of underarm seam. Work straight until piece measures 11½ inches in all. Bind off.

FRONT … Work as for Back until piece measures l0½ inches in all. Bind off.

LEFT SLEEVE … Cast on 36 sts. Work in ribbing of k 2, p 2, for ¾ inch. Next row: K across, increasing 9 sts evenly across (45 sts). Work in stockinette stitch, with 2 sts at both ends in garter stitch for 3 inches, ending with a purl row. Next row: Bind off 22 sts, continue across. Following row: Bind off 16 sts, finish row. Work straight for shoulder insert over the remaining 7 sts for 2 inches. Bind off.

RIGHT SLEEVE … Work to correspond.
   Sew up underarm seams to markers. Sew up sleeve seams. Sew in right sleeve, matching underarm seams and sewing 2-inch shoulder insert to 2 inches of bound-off sts of Back and Front. Sew in left sleeve, leaving a 1¼ inch opening between shoulder insert and Back, at neck edge. Work a row of s c around opening, making two ch-3 button-loops. Sew on buttons.
   With Angora, work along neck edge as follows: 1st row: S c in each st around, omitting corner sts to keep work flat. Ch 5, turn. 2nd row: Skip 1 s c, d c in next s c, * ch 2, skip 1 s c, d c in next s c. Repeat from * across, omitting ch-2 at corners to keep work flat. Ch 1, turn. 3rd row: S c in each d c and in each sp across. Fasten off.

CORD … Cut 6 strands of Angora, each 2¼ yds. long. Twist strands tightly; then double the twisted strands and give them a second twist in the opposite direction. Starting at left side opening, pass cord in and out of sps. Tie ends into a bow.

TASSELS (Make 2) … Cut a cardboard 2½" x 4". Cut 2 strands of Angora, each 8 inches long, and place them across length of cardboard. Wind 1 strand of Angora 100 times around width. Break off. Pick up both ends of 8-inch strands and tie securely. Remove cardboard and cut loops at one end. Wind a strand of Angora tightly 10 times around tassel strands ¼ inch from top, and fasten securely. Sew a tassel to each end of cord, and trim. Now make a cord of Angora as before, about 15 inches long, to be used for initials, using 3 (instead of 6) strands. Trace initials on paper and baste in place. Sew cord over initials, drawing it through knitted fabric whenever necessary.


   Starting at the bottom of one leg, cast on 52 sts. Work in ribbing of k 2, p 2, for ¾ inch. Next row: K across, increasing 10 sts evenly across (62 sts). Work in stockinette stitch (p 1 row, k 1 row) until piece measures 9½ inches in all. With wrong side facing, k 1 row, thus making a ridge on right side. Continue as before for ¾ inch. Make another ridge on right side. Work ¾ inch more. Bind off. Make other leg same as this.

CROTCH … Cast on 11 sts. Work in stockinette stitch for 1¾ inches. Bind off.
   Starting at the top, sew front and back seams of pants to within 2 inches above ribbing. Sew in crotch, having points at center front and back seams. Sew leg seams. Turn down top hem on first ridge to wrong side, and whip to second ridge, leaving an opening for elastic. Draw about 15 inches of elastic through, and sew ends together.