Woolies for Infants | Book No. 153 | The Spool Cotton Company

Woolies for Infants | Book No. 153 | The Spool Cotton Company

Woolies for Infants
Book No. 153
Chadwick's Red Heart Wools
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1940

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Patterns Included: 
Jack Be Nimble Outfit, Brooks Type Cardigan, Wee Willie Winkie Cardigan, My Son John Outfit, Pat-a-Cake Pullover, Tommy Tucker Pullover, Hush-a-Bye Baby Cardigan, Snow Baby Snowsuit Set, Sally Waters Cardigan, Tweedledee Hat and Mittens Set, Bobby Shafto Creeper, Marjorie Daw Bonnet, Bo Peep Baby Set, Little Boy Blue Outfit, Mary's Lamb Cardigan, Diddle Dumplings Cardigan, Little Polly Flinders Bonnet, Curly Locks Bonnet and Bootees Set, Fingers and Toes Mittens and Bootees Set, Susie Snooks Creeper, Mitten and Shoe Set, Shell Shawl Bottoms Up Baby Pants, Toy Elephant, Ride a Cock Horse Sun Suit, Peter Piper Mittens and Bootees Set, Little Miss Muffet Cap and Sacque Set, Kimono, For the Carriage Trade Blanket, Cockle Shells Baby Set, Bottle Cover, Bunting, Checker Blanket.

   Baby knitted fashions have all the soft appeal of new, fleecy little animals—they are so warm and cuddly and every baby, whether it's a newcomer or whether it's at the runabout stage needs lots of woolies. Easy to whisk on and off with the change of temperature, every baby wardrobe is built around a good supply of them. Nothing makes dimpled elbows or chubby legs look so cunning, or fat little tummies quite so adorable as sweaters or sweater suits. Economical, too, as baby grows, for they are big-as-a-minute one moment, then so-o-o-o-o big!

Designed with a Stern Eye to the Practical even though they look like Rosebuds!

Lots of the tried and true classics we've frankly borrowed from grown-ups, such as the classic Brooks type cardigan, the pullover, the V- necked cardigan. Made in miniature sizes, they are soft and right for baby, too. Look at the way that ribbing, the cable stitch, and other ideas are scaled down for lilliputian sizes. On the tiny sweaters are wide sleeves that enable mothers to put them on a squirming baby with a minimum of effort.