Heel-less Socks Pattern

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Heel-less Socks Pattern

Heel-less socks for easy knitting are quickly made with your choice of Beehive Fingering 3 ply Patonised or Patwin 3 ply Patonised. Be sure to use one or other of these yarns in order to be satisfied with your socks. You will need:—1 oz. Set of 4 No. 12 Queen Bee Knitting Needles (points at both ends).

Tension: 9 sts. and 12 rows = 1 inch with No. 12 needles.

Check tension—see patternbook page.

For Washing Instructions—see patternbook page.

Cast on 42 sts. loosely. (14. 14. 14).
Work in (K1. P1) ribbing for 1½ ins.
Knit even in rounds until work measures 7 ins. from beginning.

To shape toe: 1st round: *K5. K2tog. Repeat from * to end of round.
2nd and alternate rounds: Knit.
3rd round: *K4. K2tog. Repeat from * to end of round.
5th round: *K3. K2tog. Repeat from * to end of round.

Continue dec. 6 sts. in round in this manner, every alternate round to 12 sts. on needle. Break wool. Thread end through re­maining sts. Draw up and fasten securely. Make other sock to correspond.