Wings to Your Crochet Needle! | No. 9301 | The Thread Mills

Wings to Your Crochet Needle! | No. 9301 | The Thread Mills

Wings to Your Crochet Needle!
Book 9301
The Thread Mills Inc
No Original Copyright (c. 1943)

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Patterns Included: 
Striped Bedroom Rug, Sugar 'N Cream Pot Holders, Pots and Pans Pot Holders, Hearts Pot Holder, Diamonds Pot Holder, Bag, Crocheted Chenille Rug, Hot Dish Mats, Barbecue Mitts, Floral Rugs, Super Absorbent Coasters, V's Table Mat Sets, Blocks and Bands Table Mat Sets, Lantana Blossoms Table Mat Sets, Colonial Rug and Chair Seat Sets, Kitten and Bunny Rug, Dutch Boy and Girl Rug, Initials in Puff Stitchs, Hot Plate Mat and Pot Holders, Fluffy Puppy Toy, Posy Glass Muffs, Practical Hot Dish Mats, Chair Set and Placement Sets, Mid-Riff Sweater, two Soakers, Dusting Glove, Shaggy Bearskin Rug.


In this book are only a few of the things that may be crocheted or knitted of Enterprise Cotton Yarn. Many more will be suggested after a study of those shown. Enterprise Yarn is the ideal material for the sturdy household gadgets shown here. Try it; you will like the way it works; the smooth, tailored appearance of things crocheted of it. The four ply twist of this soft yarn makes it the ideal material for crocheted things for every day use.

ENTERPRISE COTTON KNITTING YARN has met with universal approval since it was first introduced. It's a smooth, yet soft and fluffy yarn—it makes soft, yet sturdy rugs that lay flat—don't curl—hot pot holders and plate mats thick enough to keep off the heat—baby things that can be washed and boiled to sterilize—numerous other household gadgets. It works up fast—saves time in crocheting things for gifts, bazaars and personal use.


Build individuality into your crocheted rugs, mats for the table, etc.—they are not hard to do and some beautiful effects may be had. Copy your bedspread, tile or wall paper designs as a rug or mat.

Puff Stitch or Ridged Crochet are simple ways to crochet rugs—the colored designs may be laid out on cross ruled (or cross section) paper, by tracing from pictures, colored comics, etc. For Puff Stitch, each square on the paper, within the tracing, is a puff stitch, to be crocheted in the color wanted.

In Ridged Crochet floral designs, colored borders, colored blocks and alternate rows of color are a few of the changes from the instructions that can be made. Ridged crochet may be made as a series of narrow ridged rows across a rug. As narrow and wide rows across a rug, or as all wide or all narrow ridges lengthwise of a rug. Ridged crochet works up about 63 to 65 stitches to the foot—27 narrow ridged rows to the foot. On square, cross ruled paper, each line is a narrow ridged row—two lines for a wide row. Each 10 squares across the paper equals 24 stitches.

If wanted, the cross ruled paper may be tinted in water colors to get the effect before crocheting.

Knitting Patterns: