Mid-Riff Sweater Pattern

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Mid-Riff Sweater Pattern

A cotton knit for beach or sports wear, a snappy model, to be knit of ENTERPRISE YARN. One front panel will be Red — the other Blue with the sleeves and back a White — a patriotic combination. Or, if that doesn’t appeal, try it in your school colors — or pretty pastels to match or contrast the skin tones.

Material:—ENTERPRISE YARN, a Ball of each color (or two skeins) will make the front panels—3 balls (or nine skeins) for the back and sleeves. Four balls (12 to 13 skeins) if knitted in one color, for the entire garment.
With three metal or plastic buttons in bright colors, it makes a lovely sweater for the teen age girl. Try your favorite sweater model with ENTERPRISE YARN — if you are one of those who can't stand wool, you will like the feel of it.
Use bone knitting needle No. 7, and steel crochet hook No. 1.

GAUGE: 5 sts equal 1 inch — 5 rows equal 1 inch.


BACK: With white, cast on 73 sts * K 2, P 2, * repeat from * to * across, ending with K 1. This forms pattern. Knit even for 5 in. At beginning of next 2 rows, bind off 5 sts for underarm. Then knit 2 sts together at beginning and end of every other row 5 times. (53 sts remain.) When work measures 7 inches from underarm, cast off. Shape for shoulders as follows: Bind off 6 sts at beginning of next 6 rows. Bind off remaining 17 sts in pattern, for back of neck.

FRONTS: Using red for left side and blue for right, cast on 37 sts and knit in pattern. Work starts at underarm. Knit even for 1 inch. At one end, cast on 2 sts every other row 3 times. (43 stitches.) On this same edge cast on 30 sts (73 sts on needle) and work in pattern for eight rows. At increasing side, cast on 1 st and work for 8 rows. On next row, cast on 1 st (75 sts on needle) and work for 9 rows. With lower edge of work toward you and from bottom up, start decrease to form uplift effect, by knitting 2 sts together and purling 2 sts together until 23 sts are on right hand needle. Knit remaining 29 sts across in pattern.
On next row bind off 29 sts. Then bind off remaining 22 sts by knitting 2 sts together instead of K 1, as is customary.

SLEEVES: With white, cast on 49 sts and work in pattern. Increase at beginning and end of every 4th row 4 times (57 sts on needle). Knit even for 3½ inches from beginning of sleeve. Bind off 4 sts at beginning of next 2 rows for underarm. Knit 2 sts together beginning and end of every other row 4 times (41 sts remain). Knit even for 5 inches from underarm cast off. Then bind off 12 sts each side in pattern. Knit even on remaining 17 sts for 2½ in. Bind off in pattern.

FINISHING: On left front edge, above point where decreasing stops, work 1 row of sc. Along this side, work stitch for stitch down front. Work 2 sc in last st. This forms corner. Continue across bottom and up right front, working st for st and 2 sts at corner. Ch 1 and turn. Work 1 row of sc without increases. Ch 1 and turn. Repeat these two rows 5 more times, always increasing at bottom edge of fronts on right side. Work rows on wrong side, plain. Make 3 buttonholes on 4th row of right front, by working ch 3 and skipping 3 sc. Space evenly. Backstitch fronts to back at underarm and shoulder. Overcast underarm seams and squares at top of sleeve. Backstitch sleeves into armhole.
For size 36—Cast on 79 sts for back. Knit even for 1½ in. on each side before starting front increases. For size 38—Cast on 83 sts for back. Knit even for 2 in.