Squirrel-Cuff Socks Pattern #5706

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Squirrel-Cuff Socks Pattern #5706

Size 8½ to 11
1 Pr. Standard No. 2 Needles
SCALE: 8 sts to 1 in.
Jack Frost Sport Yarn—2 2-oz. Balls; 1 oz. Contrasting Color

NOTE: Colors will be referred to as follows: Main color—M C; Contrasting color—C C. Always be sure to twist yarns once when changing colors, to avoid making a hole.

With M C cast on 61 sts. Knit 3 rows, then purl 1 row. Following the chart work as follows:
Row 1—Knit 3 M C, 1 C C, * 2 M C, 1 C C; repeat from * across row ending 3 M C.
Row 2—Purl 1 M C, * 2 C C, 1 M C; repeat from * across row.
Row 3—Knit 1 row M C.
Row 4—Purl 3 M C, 7 C C, 2 M C, 2 C C, 1 M C, 2 C C, 2 M C, 7 C C, 2 M C, 2 C C, 1 M C, 2 C C, 2 M C, 7 C C, 2 M C, 2 C C, 1 M C, 2 C C, 2 M C, 7 C C, 3 M C.
Continue working as given above, following the chart, until cuff has been completed, ending with a purl row of M C. Knit 3 rows of M C, then continuing with M C, K 1 row, decreasing to 58 sts at even intervals across row.
Work even in stockinette st (P 1 row, K 1 row,) until piece measures 4 in. from cuff, ending with a purl row.
Complete as given for No. 5705 from heel.

Squirrel-Cuff Socks CHART