Baby Set in Quaker Stitch Pattern

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Baby Set in Quaker Stitch Pattern

Directions are for 6-month size. Changes for 1-year size are in parentheses.

NOMOTTA Non-Shrink Mothproof Baby Wool or Pompadour
5 1-oz balls
1 pair needles size 2
steel crochet hook size 5
3 small pearl buttons
2 yards (¼-inch wide) ribbon

GAUGE: 8 Sts = 1 inch; 12 rows = 1 inch

ROW 1: (wrong side) Knit across.
ROW 2: (right side) Purl across.
ROW 3: Knit across.
(these 3 rows form 1 ridge)
Repeat these 3 rows for Pattern.


NOTE: The Sacque is worked sideways.

LEFT FRONT: Cast on 66 (70) sts. Starting at front edge and working from neck to lower edge, work 9 rows in Pattern, end at lower edge. Work Short Rows as follows: *K 50 (54) sts, turn, work back to lower edge. Knit across all 66 (70) sts for 2 rows. Repeat from * until there are 8 ridges in yoke, end with Row 2 at neck edge.

Left Sleeve: Work across 37 sts, slip remaining 29 (33) sts on a holder. Cast on 35 (37) sts at end of needle for sleeve; 72 (74) sts. Turn, K 56 (58) sts (to Yoke), turn, K 50 (51) sts leaving 6 (7) sts for cuff, turn and work to neck edge. Next row, knit across all 72 (74) sts. Keeping Pattern, con­tinue to work Yoke same as in Front; at the same time, work short rows to the 6 (7) sts of cuff same as for Yoke. Work in this manner until there are 7 (8) ridges in Yoke, end on wrong side at cuff edge. Bind off 35 (37) sts, then work across the 29 (33) sts on holder thus joining Yoke to Body; 66 (70) sts. Place a marker in last row to indicate left underarm side.

BACK: Continue in Pattern, working short rows in Yoke until there are 12 (13) ridges in Back, end at neck edge with first row of Pattern. Start Right Sleeve as follows: Work 37 sts, slip next 29 (33) sts on a holder. Break yarn. With free needle, cast on 35 (37) sts; with same needle, work across sts on other needle to Yoke, turn, work to within 6 (7) sts of end of sleeve. Now, work Right Sleeve and Right Front to cor­respond with Left Sleeve and Front. Bind off with medium tension.

FINISHING: Press lightly and sew sleeve seams. On right side, work 1 row of sc around neck edge holding in neck so that ridges meet. Work 1 more row holding in neck to desired size. Break yarn. Place 3 pins in Right Front Yoke as a guide in working buttonloops having first pin at neck edge, 2nd pin in center and 3rd pin at end of Yoke. Work Buttonloops as follows: Starting at end of Yoke, *ch 3, slip-st across edge to next pin; repeat from * across, end with a slip-st in last row.


Starting at front edge, cast on 72 (76) sts. Work in Pattern for 9 rows (border). Change to Garter-st (knit every row) and work straight until
3¼ (3½) ins from end of border, end on right side. Change to Pattern and work 6 rows. Knit 1 row, purl 1 row. Continue in Pattern, working Short Rows to shape Back as follows: Row 1: K 47 (50) sts, turn. Row 2: K 22 (24) sts (center), turn. Row 3: P 21 (23) sts, P 2 to­gether, turn. Row 4: K 21 (23) sts, K 2 together, turn. Re­peat Rows 3 and 4, 7 times more. *Next Row: K 21 sts, K 3 together (2 sts less in center and 1 stitch less at each side of center), turn*. Repeat Rows 3 and 4, twice, repeat from * to * once. Repeat last 6 rows until 16 sts remain on needle. Knit to end of row then bind off.

Finishing: Turn back border to right side and pin each end. With right side toward you, pick up and knit about 62 (66) sts along neck edge. Work in ribbing of K 2, P 2 for 6 rows. Bind off in ribbing. Chin Strap: Cast on 18 sts. Knit across. On next row, work Buttonholes as follows: K to within 10 sts of end of row, K 2 together, YO, K 2 together, YO, K last 2 sts (2 buttonholes). Knit 2 rows then bind off. Sew the end without buttonholes to right side of cap.


Starting at top edge, cast on 40 (44) sts. Work in Yoke Pattern for 9 rows. Change to Garter-st and work 1 inch ending on right side.

Eyelet Row: P 1, *YO, P 2 together P 1; repeat from * across row. Knit 2 rows. Purl 1 row; knit 1 row increasing 6 sts evenly spaced across last row; 46 (50) sts.

Instep: K 29 (32) sts, turn, K 12 (14) sts (instep sts), turn. Work in Garter-st across last 12 (14) sts for 23 rows, end on right side. Next row, K 2 together, K 8 (10), K 2 together, turn. K 1 row. Pick up and K 14 sts along side edge of instep, K the 17 (18) sts at end of needle, turn, P 41 (44) sts, pick up and P 14 sts along other side of instep, purl to end of row; 72 (76) sts on needle. K 1 row then work in pattern for 6 rows. K 1 row, P 1 row.

Shape Toe and Foot: K 41 (43) sts, turn, K 10, turn, K 11 turn, K 12, turn, *K 11, K 2 together, turn. Repeat from * until 15 sts remain on each side of center 12 sts. Turn, K 10, K 3 together, turn, K 9, K 3 together (10 sts remain in center), turn, K 9, K 2 together. Continue in this manner, decreasing 1 st at each side until 5 sts remain on each side of center 10 sts, turn, K the 5 sts then K to end of row. Bind off all 20 sts. Sew heel in T shape, then sew back seam leaving eyelet row open for ribbon. Draw ribbon through eyelet row.


Cast on 40 (44) sts. Work in Pattern for 9 rows. Change to Garter-st and work for l¼ ins, end on right side decreasing 4 sts at even intervals across last row; 36 (40) sts remain. Work Eyelet Row same as for Bootee, then knit 2 rows in­creasing 6 sts evenly spaced across last row; 42 (46) sts. Work in Garter-st for 2¼ ins straight up from end of ribbing decreasing 2 sts across last row, end on right side; 40 (44) sts. Shape Tip as follows: *P 6, P 2 together; repeat from * across row (5 sts decreased in row). Next Row: *K 2 together, K 5, repeat from * across row. Repeat last 2 rows until 10 (14) sts remain, always having 1 stitch less between decreases after each decrease row.

Break yarn leaving a 12-inch end. Draw end through all sts tightly then sew side seam. Draw ribbon through eyelet row.