Lap Over Shirt and Soakers Pattern

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Lap Over Shirt and Soakers Pattern

Directions are for 6-month size. Changes for 1-year size are in parentheses.

NOMOTTA Non-Shrink Mothproof Pompadour or Baby Wool
3  1-oz. balls
1 pair 14-inch needles size 2
4 small buttons
3 yards (¼ inch wide) ribbon
steel crochet hook size 4

GAUGE: 8 sts = 1 inch; 8 ridges = 1 inch


BACK: Cast on 80 (84) sts. Work in Garter-st (knit every row) for 6 (6½) ins. Place a marker at each end to indicate beginning of sleeves.

SLEEVES: Cast on 38 (40) sts at end of next 2 rows; 156 (164) sts. Work straight until sleeves measure 3½ (4) ins straight up from marker. Divide work for Front as follows: K 67 (70) sts, slip these sts on a holder for one Front. Bind off next 22 (24) sts for back of neck. Work to end of row.

FRONT: Working on one side only, work 11 rows (5 ridges), end at neck edge. Shape Neck as follows: Cast on 22 (24) sts at neck edge; 89 (94) sts. Work straight until sleeve edge measures same as back straight down from back of neck, end at sleeve edge. Bind off 38 (40) sts for sleeve. Work straight on remaining 51 (54) sts until Front measures same as back. Bind off. Join yarn at neck edge of other side and work to correspond reversing shaping.

FINISHING: Press lightly and sew seams. On right side, work 1 round of single crochet (sc) around sleeve, holding in edge slightly, end with a slip-st in first sc at beginning of round. Next Round: Ch 5, sc in 3rd ch from hook (a picot), double crochet (dc) in next st, *ch 2, skip 2 sts, dc in next st, ch 3, sc in top of last dc (a picot), dc in next st; repeat from * around, end with a slip st in same ch as first picot at beginning of round. Fasten off. Work 1 row of sc along fronts and neck edge. Work edging around neck same as sleeves. Work 3 Buttonholes along right front as follows: Starting at neck edge, *ch 3, slip-st across 5 sts; repeat from * 2 times more. Break yarn. Draw ribbon through "eyelets" on neck and sleeves.


Waistband: Cast on 80 (84) sts. Work firmly in ribbing of K 1, P 1 for 6 rows. Work Eyelet Row as follows: Work 3 (4) sts, *YO, K 2 together, K 4; repeat from * across row, end last repeat with K 2 (3) sts; 80 (84) sts. Work in ribbing across next row knitting the YO as one stitch. Work 5 more rows. Change to Garter-st and work straight until Back meas­ures 6 ins from start. Place a marker in center of row to indi­cate end of Back.

Front: Work 12 rows. Shape Leg as follows: K 6, turn, K to end of row. Working on this side only, increase 1 stitch at inside edge (in 4th st from edge) every other row until 26 sts are in row, end at inside edge. Break yarn. Attach yarn in next st of center section, K 68 (72) sts, turn and working on center section only, decrease 1 stitch at beginning of every row (decrease in 4th st from edge) until 28 sts remain in cen­ter, end at inside edge of other leg. Break yarn. Attach yarn in 6th st of 2nd leg. Work leg to correspond with first leg until 26 sts are on needle, end at outside edge. With same yarn, knit across all 80 (84) sts, thus joining all pieces to­gether. Continue in Garter-st until front measures same as back to beginning of waistband. Work waistband to corre­spond with Back. Bind off in ribbing.

Sew side seams. Draw ribbon through eyelet row.