Raglan Shirt for Baby Pattern

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Raglan Shirt for Baby Pattern

Directions are for 6-month size. Changes for 1-year size are in parentheses.

NOMOTTA Non-Shrink Mothproof Nylon or Baby Wool
2 1-oz skeins Main Color (MC)
small amount of Contrasting Color (CC)
1 set (4) 10-inch double-pointed (dp) needles size 2

GAUGE: 8 sts = 1 inch; 12 rows = 1 inch

Starting at neck edge, with CC and using 2 needles, cast on 71 (81) sts. Keeping 3 sts at each end in Garter-st, work in Stockinette-st for 6 rows, end with a knit row. Attach MC. Decrease across next row inside garter-st edges as follows: P 1, then P 2 together across remaining sts; 36 (41) sts re­main. Eyelet Row: K 1, *YO, K 1; repeat from * across row; 71 (81) sts. Purl, increasing 10 sts evenly spaced across row; 81 (91) sts. Divide sts for

Raglan as follows: Row 1: K 16 (18) (right back), YO (an increase), K 1 (first seam-st), YO (an increase), K 6 (8) (right sleeve), YO (all YO's are increased sts), K 1 (2nd seam-st), YO, K 33 (35) (front); YO, K 1 (3rd seam-st), YO, K 6 (8) (left sleeve); YO, K 1 (4th seam-st), YO, K 16 (18) (left back) 8 sts increased in row. Row 2: Keeping 3 sts at each end in garter-st, purl across remaining sts, purling the YO as one stitch. Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until center back edge measures 3½ (4) ins from neck edge, end with 4th stitch from end of right back.

Lap-Over: slip last 3 sts of right back on a free dp needle and hold in front of first 3 sts on left-hand needle. Knit tightly across these sts taking 2 sts at a time (one from each needle). Now, work around, knitting the 2nd row instead of purl­ing. Discontinue garter-sts and continue in Stockinette-st until there are 23 (25) Yarn-Over rows, end with Row 2 at center back; 262 (288) sts. Divide work as follows: Knit to next seam-st; with a free dp needle, knit across next 54 (60) sts for Right Sleeve (including the seam-st on each side). Slip remaining sts for Front, Left Sleeve and Back on holders.

RIGHT SLEEVE: Divide sts on 3 dp needles, cast on 4 sts at end of 3rd needle (underarm) and join; 58 (64) sts in round. Knit around for 4 (4½) ins. Next Round: K 2, then K 2 together around; 30 (33) sts remain. Eyelet Round: With CC, K 2, *YO, K 1; repeat from * around; 58 (64) sts. Change to Stockinette-st and work 6 rounds. Bind off tightly on next round. This will allow edge to roll.

LEFT SLEEVE: Slip sts from holder onto dp needles and work same as for Right Sleeve.

BODY: Slip all sts from holders on 3 dp needles. Attach MC at an underarm side, knit around picking up 4 sts above the cast-on sts for sleeves; 162 (176) sts in round. Work straight until body measures 5½ (6) ins straight down from underarm. Change to Garter-st (knit 1 round, purl 1 round) and work firmly for 6 rounds. Bind off with medium tension.

FINISHING:Press lightly. Make a small buttonloop on right back at neck edge or sew 2 ties at each end of neck edge.