Striped Blazer Pattern

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Striped Blazer Pattern

Directions are for 2-year size. Changes for 4 and 6 years are in parentheses.

NOMOTTA Mothproof Sports Yarn or Orion (matched dye-lots)
3 (3-4) 1-oz balls Main Color (MC)
2 (2-3) 1-oz balls Contrasting Color (CC)
1 pair needles size 2
5 buttons

GAUGE: 7½ sts = 1 inch; 10 rows = 1 inch

STRIPED PATTERN: Stockinette-st (K 1 row, P 1 row), worked in colors as follows: 6 rows with MC; 4 rows with CC. Repeat these 10 rows for striped pattern.

NOTE: The Blazer is worked from side to side—carry the color not in use loosely along the edge.

BACK: Left Side—With MC, cast on 67 (71-75) sts. Start­ing at Left Side edge, P 5 (these 5 sts form hem at lower edge), knit to end of row (armhole edge). Purl to within 5 sts of end of row, K last 5 sts. Working 5 sts at lower edge in Reverse Stockinette-st, work 2 more rows with MC (half of stripe at side edge); join CC and work 2 (4-4) rows.

Shape Armhole: Working in striped pattern increase 1 stitch at armhole edge on next row. Repeat armhole increase every other row 3 (4-5) times more. Work 2 rows, end at armhole edge. With same color cast on 28 (30-32) sts at end of next knit row; 99 (106-113) sts.

Shape Shoulder: Attach MC and continue in Striped Pattern, increasing 1 stitch at shoulder edge (end of knit rows) every 10th (8th-8th) row, 3 (4-4) times; 102 (110-117) sts.

For Sizes 4 and 6: Work 2 rows after last increase row. There should be 30 (32-34) rows in shoulder straight up from last cast-on sts.

For All Sizes: Place a marker at shoulder edge to indicate end of shoulder shaping. Work straight for 2 (2¼-2½) ins straight up from marker (center of back) ending in center of a stripe. Place another marker in center of last row to indicate center back. Complete last stripe and work right half of back to cor­respond, working in reverse thus decreasing instead of in­creasing and binding off instead of casting on. When 67 (71- 75) sts remain on needle, work same number of rows as in Left Side, then bind off (Right Side edge).

NOTE: Buttonholes are worked on Left Front for boy and on Right Front for girl. It is suggested that the Front without buttonholes be worked first.

RIGHT FRONT: With MC, cast on 67 (71-75) sts. Starting at side edge, work same as for Left Side of back until there are 30 (32-34) rows in shoulder, ending with a purl row at lower edge and being careful to end with same stripe as in back.

Shape Neck: Work Short Rows as follows: Knit to within 9 sts of end of row, turn, slip first st, purl to end of row. On next row, K to within 3 sts of last short row, turn, slip first stitch, purl to end of row. Continue in striped pattern, always working 3 sts less at end of every knit row until 27 (33-42) sts remain unworked at end of knit row, ending with CC stripe. Border and Facing: With MC knit across all 97 (105-112) sts then cast on 15 (17-19) sts at end of row for back neckband; 112 (122-131) sts. Work straight for 9 rows, end with a knit row. Knit across next purl row for center fold then continue in Stockinette-st for 8 rows and bind off on next row.

With pins, mark position of 5 buttons in Front Border, placing first pin in 9th st above hemline and 5th pin about ½ inch below last short row.

LEFT FRONT: With MC, cast on 67 (71-75) sts. Starting at side edge, work same as for Right Side of Back, reversing shaping and working the short rows on purl side. On 4th row of Border, work Buttonholes as follows: Work to first pin, *bind off next 3 sts, work to next pin; repeat from * to last pin. On next row, cast on 3 sts over the bound-off sts on row below. Work buttonholes in facing to correspond.

SLEEVES: With MC, cast on 23 (25-27) sts. Knit across, cast on 8 (9-10) sts at end of row (lower edge). Purl back. Repeat last 2 rows once more. Attach CC, knit across, cast on 8 (9-10) sts at end of row. Purl back.

Shape Cap as follows: Cast on 2 sts at end of last purl row (armhole edge). Knit next row casting on 15 sts at lower edge. Keeping 5 sts at lower edge in Reverse Stockinette-st (hem), continue in Striped Pattern casting on 2 sts at armhole edge 9 (10-11) times more, then increase 1 stitch at same edge every row 4 (5-6) times; 86 (94-102) sts, end with CC (MC-CC) stripe. Work straight for 13 (15-15) rows ending in center of a stripe. Place a marker in center of last row for center of sleeve. Now, complete last stripe and work other half to correspond working in reverse, decreasing instead of increasing and binding off instead of casting on.

FINISHING: Press each piece. Matching stripes sew shoulders, side and sleeves and set in sleeves. Turn back border-facing and hems and sew to wrong side. Sew neck band to back of neck holding in neck slightly. Sew neatly around each buttonhole working through both thicknesses.