Cardigan Sweater Pattern 5901

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Cardigan Sweater Pattern 5901

These directions are for subteen size 8. Changes for subteen sizes 10, 12 and 14 are in parentheses.

BERNAT Cuddlespun (2 oz. skeins) — 6(6-7-7) Main Color (M C)
BERNAT Bob-o-Germantown (20 yd. cards) — 1 each Green, Red, Yellow and Blue
1 d p needle or cable holder
1 aluminum crochet hook Size G
5 buttons

GAUGE: 7 sts = 2 inches; 11 rows = 2 inches

PATTERN STITCH: Multiple of 14(15-16-16)sts plus 12 (12-12-14).
Rows 1, 3 and 7: K 2(2-2-3), * P 1, K 6, P 1, K 6(7-8-8), repeat from * ending K 2(2-2-3) instead of K 6(7-7-8).
Rows 2 and all even rows: P 2(2-2-3), * K 1, P 6, K 1, P 6(7-8-8), repeat from *, ending P 2(2-2-3).
Row 5: K 2(2-2-3), * P 1, sl next 3 sts onto d p needle and hold in back of work, K next 3 sts, K 3 sts from d p needle (cable twist), P 1, K 6(7-8-8), repeat from *, ending K 2(2-2-3).
Row 8: Repeat Row 2.
Repeat these 8 rows for pattern stitch.

BACK: Using M C, cast on 54(57-60-62) sts. Work even in pattern st until piece measures 8(8½-9-9½) inches. SHAPE DOLMAN SLEEVES: At the beg of each of the next 8 rows cast on 5(5-6-6) sts, forming new patterns as sts are increased. At the beg of each of the next 2 rows cast on 6(8-6-5) sts. Work even on 106(113-120-120) sts until sleeves measure 4(4½-5-5½) inches above last group of cast on sts, ending with a wrong side row. Put a marker in work to mark half of sleeve. DIVIDE FOR FRONTS AND BACK: Work in pattern as established on first 45(48-51-51) sts and sl these sts onto a holder for right front, bind off center 16(17-18-18) sts for back of neck, work last 45(48-51-51) sts. LEFT FRONT: Working in pattern as established, at neck edge inc 1 st EVERY ROW 5 times. At same edge cast on 6(7-8-9) sts once. Work even on 56(60-64-65) sts until sleeve measures 4(4½-5-5½) inches above marker in work. SHAPE SLEEVE: At arm edge bind off 6(8-6-5) sts once and 5(5-6-6) sts 4 times. Work even on 30(32-34-36) sts until front measures 8(8½-9-9½) inches above last group of bound off sts. Bind off. RIGHT FRONT: Sl the 45(48-51-51) sts onto needle. Join M C and work to correspond to left front, reversing all shaping and forming first buttonhole when piece measures ½ inch above cast on sts for neck edge. BUTTONHOLE: Start­ing at front edge, work 2 sts, bind off the next 2 sts, work to end of row. On next row cast on 2 sts over those bound off previous row. Make 4 more buttonholes, evenly spaced — the last one to be made 1 inch above lower edge.

FINISHING: Sew underarm and sleeve seams. With right side facing you, work 1 row M C s c around all edges inc at corners and holding neck into desired size. With right side facing you, work 1 row M C s c around sleeve edges. Block to size. Finish buttonholes. Sew on buttons. CORD: Using M C double, make a ch 32 inches long. Work 1 sl st in each st. Sew cord to neck ½ inch from each front edge. Following chart, embroider flowers on center K panel of each front. Starting at lower edge, first and 4th flowers are red with yellow centers, 2nd is blue with yellow center, 3rd is yellow with green center. Stem and leaves are in green.

Cardigan Sweater Pattern 5901 chart