Lion Toy Pattern

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Lion Toy Pattern


BODY: Open 8 skeins. Lay one skein next to the other, matching ends of skeins. Untie knots at ends (lower edge). Cut extra long strands even at lower edge. Using 1 of these extra strands, tie strands loosely at upper edge (top of head). Cut all strands at lower edge. Insert ball, placing tie at center. Spread yarn smoothly to cover ball and tie very tightly 5 inches from top of head to form neck.

LEGS: Divide strands evenly into 8 sections and braid. Tie each braid together 2 inches from end. Trim ends.


BERNAT Luxor (1 oz. skein) — 8 Gold (M C); 2 Brown (C C)
1 Styrofoam ball No. 5
1 package BERNAT felt pieces
Matching sewing thread

BODY: Using M C, follow General Directions.

FACE: Following colors as printed on drawings, cut pieces of felt to form face. MANE: Using a very heavy cardboard 2 inches in width, * wind C C twice around cardboard and using a double strand of matching sewing thread sew with a back-stitch along one edge, repeat from * until 2 C C skeins are completely used. Starting at top of head, pin mane in place. Make a ¼ inch tuck in ears and tack. Fol­lowing diagram, pin ears in place by spreading yarn in front of mane. Following diagram, pin remaining pieces. Sew all pieces and mane in place. Tack 4 very small pieces of black felt each side of nose for whiskers.

Lion Toy Pattern instructions
Lion Toy Pattern chart