Stocking Cap Pattern

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Stocking Cap Pattern

MATERIALS: FLEISHER'S or BEAR BRAND GIGANTIC or BOTANY COLOSSAL, 2 oz. skeins; Color A, 1 skein; Color B, 1 skein.

KNITTING NEEDLES: 1 pair "Boye" Needles, Size 15—or size you require to knit to gauge given below.

GAUGE: 5 sts = 2 inches; 7 rows = 2 inches

With A, cast on 44 sts for face edge.
Row 1right side—* K in back loop of first st, p 1; repeat from * to end. Re­peat this row 3 times more for ribbing, end on wrong side.

FIRST STRIPERow 1right side—With B, k in back loop of all sts.
Row 2—P.
Repeat these 2 rows once more, wrap­ping B around A at beg. of k rows. Carry color not in use loosely along edge of work.

SECOND STRIPE—With A, repeat 4 rows of First Stripe.

THIRD STRIPE—With B, work 3 rows.
Dec. rowwrong side—With B, * p 2 tog., p 9; repeat from * to end; 40 sts. Continuing stripes, dec. 4 sts every 4th row 7 times more, having 1 st less be­tween decs, and at end of each succes­sive dec. row, end with 4th row of an A stripe; 12 sts. There are 5 A and 5 B stripes above ribbing. Break yarn leaving an 18-in. end. Draw end through the 12 sts; leaving sts on strand of yarn.

FINISHING—Block. Draw up yarn pull­ing 12 sts tog. tightly and fasten secure­ly. Sew side edges matching stripes.

TASSEL—Wind B, 12 times around a 6-in. cardboard. Tie at one end, cut other end. Wind yarn twice around tassel 1 in. from tied end and fasten. Trim ends even. Sew to top of cap leaving ¼ in. of yarn between tassel and cap. Work 2 blanket sts over the connecting yarn. Fasten off.