Thumbless Mittens Pattern #5603

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Thumbless Mittens Pattern #5603

Size 1 to 2 yrs.

1 Pr. Standard No. 4 Needles
Jack Frost Knitting Worsted—2-oz.

RIGHT MITTEN: Cast on 27 sts. Work in ribbing of K 1, P 1, for 12 rows, then work beading on next row as follows: * K 2 tog., Y O (yarn over); repeat from * across row ending K 1. Work in ribbing of P 1, K 1, for 4 rows. Work even in stockinette st for 22 rows (about 2½ in.). Decrease tip of mitten as follows: Row 1—K 2, * K 2 tog., K 3; repeat from * across row Row 2—Purl. Row 3—K 2, * K 2 tog., K 2; repeat from * across row. Row 4—Purl. Row 5—* K 1, K 2 tog.; repeat from * across row ending K 2. Row 6—P 2 tog., across row. Draw remaining sts tog. and fasten off. Sew side seam.
LEFT MITTEN:Work as given for right mitten. With contrasting color, make a chain st cord of desired length, to draw through beading at wrist and trim with Pompoms as illustrated.