Ladies Mittens Pattern #5619

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Ladies Mittens Pattern #5619

Medium Size

1 Pr. Standard No. 4 Needles
For large size use 1 Pr. Standard No. 5 Needles
Jack Frost Knitting Worsted—1 4-oz. Skein

RIGHT MITTEN: Cast on 40 sts. Work in ribbing of K 2, P 2, for 3½  in. K 1 row, P 1 row, for 6 rows, then start thumb gusset as follows: Row 1—K 19, increase 1 st in each of next 2 sts, K 19. Row 2—Purl. Row 3—K 19, increase 1 st in next st, K 2, increase 1 st in next st, K 19. Row 4—Purl. Row 5—K 19, increase 1 st in next st, K 4, increase 1 st in next st, K 19. Row 6—Purl. Continue increasing in the above manner having 2 more sts between increases every other row until there are 14 sts between increased sts. P 1 row after last increase row, then work as follows: K 20; place on st-holder. K 2 tog., K 14 (thumb sts). Place remaining 20 sts on 2nd st-holder. Work back and forth in stockinette st on the 15 thumb sts for 14 rows. Decrease tip of thumb as follows: Row 1—* P 1, P 2 tog.; repeat from * across row. Row 2—K 2 tog. across row. Draw all sts tog. and fasten off. Sew thumb seam.   
   Place the 20 sts from first st-holder to Needle. Attach yarn and pick up 1 st at base of thumb. Place the 20 sts from 2nd st-holder to left hand Needle and K across row. Work even until piece measures 3¾ in. from base of thumb or desired length. Decrease tip of mitten as given for No. 5618.
   Weave or sew tip of mitten tog. Sew side seam.
   Embroider as illustrated and attach pompons.
LEFT MITTEN: Work as given for right mitten.
   For variation these mittens may be made with Ombre rainbow yarn. See No. 5618, or as given for No. 5616, No. 5620, No. 5611, and No. 5615.