Speed Knit Smocked Blouse

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Size 10 to 12 yr. — Scale: 6 ½ sts to 1 in.

1 Pr. Standard No. 2 Needles—14 in.
1 Pr. Standard No. 5 Needles—14 in.
Jack Frost Imported Fleece—4 1-oz. Balls

Follow instructions given for Speed Knit Ribbed Blouse.

SMOCKING: On right side of garment run a basting thread thru the 10 center ribs of K 1, 5 rows below the bound off sts at front of neck. Run 2 more basting threads below the first, with 5 rows between each. Working from right side, with contrasting color yarn, if desired, insert needle under first and second ribs of K 1 at first basting, passing needle over the 3 P sts between. Draw these 2 sts together tightly, and work over them in an overhand st twice (smocking st). Fasten off on wrong side. Repeat smocking over 3rd and 4th ribs, and each successive K rib across the row until 5 smock sts have been made. Repeat smocking every 6th row until 3 smocked rows in all have been made.

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