Trinidad Dress

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Directions are for Size 10. Changes for Sizes 12, 14, 16 and 18 are in parentheses.

NANTUK 4-PLY KNITTING YARN (2 or 4 oz pull skein)

Color shown
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Amount Required

Color A - No. 5219


Color B - No. 5207


Knitting Needles: One pair "Boye" Size 8 and one crochet hook Size 00 30(28-29-27-28) half-inch plastic rings

Gauge: 9 sts to 2 inches; 6 rows to 1 inch

Motif: With Color A - cast on 9(10-10-11-11) sts. K 4 rows. Break off A. Join B.

Row 5 - Right side: * Insert right-hand needle into st as if to K, wrapping yarn 5 times around needle K the st thus having 5 loops on right-hand needle for 1 st, repeat from * across. Break off B and weave end away. Dropping extra loops, sl 9(10-10-11-11) long sts to free needle. Remove long sts from needle and sl plastic ring over them, see diagram. Sl motif to spare needle or stitch holder. Make 17(16-17-16-17) motifs for lower edge and 13(12-12-11-11) for collar.

With one Size 8 needle in left hand and with right side of motifs facing, sl long sts of 17(16-17-16-17) motifs to needle. With Color A - on right side K the 153(160-170-176-187) sts. K 5 more rows, dec'ing 3(2-1) sts on last row On Sizes 10(14-18) Only.

Divide the 150(160-168-176-186) sts:
Back: K 75(80-84-88-93) and sl them to a holder for front, K rem'ing 75(80-84-88-93) sts for back. Starting with a P row, work in St St to 13 inches above garter st border, end with a P row. Width across back is 16¾(17¾-18½-19½-20½) inches.

Armholes: Bind off 3(4-5-5-6) at beg of next 2 rows. Dec 1 each side every other row 3(3-3-4-4) times. Work on the 63(66-68-70-73) sts to 6(6¼-6½-6¾-7) inches above underarm, end on wrong side. Width across shoulders is 14(14¾-15¼-15½ -16¼) inches.

Shoulders: Bind off 14(14-15-15-16) at beg of next 2 rows. Bind off 35(38-38-40-41) for neck.

Front: On wrong side, P across sts on holder. Starting with a K row, work in St St same as on back to 4½(4¾-5-5¼-5½) inches above underarm, end with K row.

Neck: P 23(23-24-24-25) and sl them to a holder, bind off center 17(20-20-22-23) sts for neck, work to end. Bind off 3 at neck edge 3 times. Work on the 14(14-15-15-16) sts to match back armhole, end at shoulder edge. Bind off all sts. Starting at neck work other side.

Collar: Sl the 117(120-120-121-121) sts of the 13(12-12-11-11) motifs to needle in same way as on body. With Color A - K 6 rows. Starting on right side with a K row, work in St St to 2½ inches above garter border, dec'ing 1 st on last row on Sizes 12(14) Only.
Row 1: K 1, * P 1, K 1, repeat from * across.
Row 2: P 1, * K 1, P 1, repeat from * across. Repeat these 2 rows for 2 inches. Bind off in ribbing. Sew shoulder and side seams. Seam back edges of collar then sew to neck. Crochet 1 row of sc around armholes.

Back: With Color A - cast on 80(84-88-93-97) sts. K 1 row and P 1 row for 5 rows. Inc'ing 1 each side, K next P row for turn. Work in St St on the 82(86-90-95-99) sts to 16 inches or 7 inches less than desired length above turn, end on wrong side. Width across hipline is 18¼(19-20-21-22) inches. Dec 1 each side on next row then every inch twice more. Work on the 76(80-84-89-93) sts to 19 inches above turn or 4 inches less than desired length to waistline, end on right side. Next row P 24(26-27-28-30), place a marker on needle, P 28(28-30-33-33), place a marker, P to end.

Dec Row: * K to 2 sts before marker, K 2 tog, sl marker, K 2 tog, repeat from * once more, K to end - 4 decs. Sl’ing markers every row, repeat dec row every 4th row 3(3-3-4-4) times more. Work on the 60(64-68-69-73); to 23 inches or desired length above turn, end on right side, and removing markers on last row. Dec'ing 1 each side, K next P row for turn. K 1 row and P 1 row for 6 rows. Bind off.

Front: Work same as back. Seam sides. Turn in hems, leaving an opening at waistline to insert elastic cut to fit.

Be Sure Your Stitch Gauge Is Correct

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