Baby Jacket Pattern #755

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Baby Jacket Pattern #755

Size 3 months

3 skeins Baby Yarn 3 ply (1 oz. skein)
Small amount of contr. color for edging
1 pair knitting needles each No. 2 and No. 3
1 crochet hook No. 3 or D
2 stitch holders Ribbon for trimming

GAUGE: 7 sts. = 1 inch.

NOTE: The entire jacket is worked in garter st.

Starting at Sleeve edge cast on 48 sts. and work in garter st. for 6 ridges (12 rows). Decr. 1 st. at the beg. and end of every 6th row until 44 sts. are left. Work even for 8 rows. Cast on 38 sts. at the beg. of the next 2 rows for Back and first Front and work even for 24 ridges. K54 and slip them to a holder, bind off 12 sts., K54, work over last 54 sts. only for Back for 24 ridges. Now slip the 54 sts. from holder for first front back to needle and work 8 ridges, decr. 1 st. at neck edge every other row 4 times. Bind off rem. 50 sts. 2nd Front: Cast on 50 sts., work even for 8 ridges, incr. 1 st. at the beg. of every row on 1 side only (neck edge), until 54 sts. are on needle. Cast on 12 sts. and connect the 54 sts. of back and work 24 ridges on all sts. Bind off 38 sts. at the beg. of the next 2 rows. On rem. 44 sts. work the 2nd Sleeve: Work even for 8 rows, incr. 1 st. at the beg. and end of every 6th row until 48 sts. are on needle. Work even for 6 ridges (12 rows). Bind off.

Sew up side and sleeve seams. Work 1 row s.c. around entire jacket and around sleeve edge. With contr. color work 1 row around entire jacket and sleeves as follows: ch. 3, * skip 1, 1 d.c. in next st., 1 d.c. in skipped st., repeat from * all around. Block to size and sew ribbon in place.