Mittens Pattern #5247

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Mittens Pattern #5247

CHADWICK'S RED HEART BABY WOOL, 1 ball (¾ oz. ball).
Clark's O.N.T. Plastic Sock Needles, 1 set No. 4.

GAUGE: (Pattern Stitch) 8 sts make 1 inch.
(Stockinette Stitch) 7 sts make 1 inch; 10 rnds make 1 inch.

   Starting at edge of cuff, cast on 48 sts. Divide sts among 3 needles and join, being careful not to twist sts. 1st rnd: * P 1, k 2. Repeat from * around. 2nd rnd: * P 1, k 2, p 1, O, k 2, pass the O over the last 2 sts knitted. Repeat from * around. 3rd rnd: Same as 1st rnd. 4th rnd: * P 1, O, k 2, pass the O over the last 2 sts knitted, p 1, k 2. Repeat from * around. These 4 rnds constitute the cuff pattern. Work in pattern until piece measures 1½ inches. Next rnd: K around, decreasing 16 sts evenly (32 sts). Following rnd: * O, k 2 tog. Re­peat from * around. Next rnd: K each st and each O around.
   To complete hand, work as for Mittens No. 5248 Pattern, starting with paragraph "Hand."

CORD … Cut 2 strands each 1 yard long. Make cord same as cord in direc­tions Soakers No. 5251 Pattern. Run cord through eye­lets at wrist.

POMPONS … Wind yarn 25 times around index and middle fingers. Break off. Slip yarn off fingers and tie a strand securely around center. Cut loops and trim evenly. Sew a pompon to each end of cord.