Slippers Patterns

MATERIAL-4 skeins of color Woolco Germantown Zephyr. 3 steel needles No. 14. No. 3 ½ Woolco hook. ¾-yard elastic.

Cast on 16 stitches.

1ST AND 2D ROWS-*Knit 2, purl 2.* Repeat across row.

3D AND 4TH ROWS-*Purl 2, knit 2.*

Woman's Leggings Pattern

MATERIAL-6 skeins Woolco Germantown Zephyr. 1 pair No. 3 Woolco needles.

Cast on 72 stitches.

Knit 2, purl 2, for 9 rows.

On the 10th row make holes for rubber.

Knit 22 rows more, knit 2, purl 2.

From now on knit plain forward and back.

Knit 8 rows.

Ruff-Neck Sweater Pattern

MATERIAL-2 boxes and 2 skeins Woolco Germantown Zephyr. Pair amber needles No. 7, pair steel needles No. 9. 9 buttons.

Use yarn double.

PATTERN-Knit 1 row. Purl 1 row.

Cast on 84 stitches. Knit even for 30 inches.

Women's Sweater Pattern

MATERIAL-1 box Woolco Shetland Floss. 1 pair Woolco needles No. 8, 1 pair Woolco needles No. 4, No. 4 Woolco hook, 6 pearl buttons.

BACK-Commence at bottom of back by casting on 100 stitches.

Knit plain throughout.

Decrease 1 stitch each side every 9th ridge (18th row), 8 times.

Women's Sweater Pattern

MATERIAL-2 boxes Woolco Germantown Zephyr. 1 pair No. 5 Woolco needles. No. 4 Woolco hook. 6 button moulds.

FRONTS-Cast on 105. Knit back.

Knit 1, purl 1, throughout.

10 rows even.

Decrease 1 every 8 rows, 6 times.

Decrease 1 every 6 rows, 11 times.

25 rows even.

Vest Pattern

KNIT-MATERIAL-10 skeins of Woolco Knitting Worsted. No. 3 Woolco needles. 5 buttons.

Sport Scarf Pattern

MATERIAL-2 hanks of Woolco Knitting Worsted. 1 pair No. 5 Woolco needles.

Cast on 60 stitches. Knit even until scarf is 1 ¾ yards long.

Finish with fringe 6 strands, 10 inches long, knotted in every 3d stitch.

Scarf Pattern

MATERIAL-1 box of Woolco Shetland Floss. 1 pair No. 4 Woolco needles.

Using yarn double, cast on 75 stitches.

Knit plain until scarf is 1 ½ yards long.

FRINGE-Cut strands 16 inches long, knot 6 strands in every other stitch.

Woman's Gloves Pattern

MATERIAL-4 skeins Woolco Knitting Worsted. 5 No. 16 steel needles.

PATTERN-Purl 2, slip 1 stitch, knit 2 together, lift the slipped stitch over the knit-2 together; thread over, knit 1, 4 times, thread over, knit 2 together.

Helmet Pattern

MATERIAL-8 skeins of Woolco Knitting Worsted. 5 steel needles No. 12.

Cast on 56. Knit for about 5 inches. This forms half of the cape. Repeat this for the other half. Divide the stitches on 4 needles and join as in making a stocking. Knit 2, purl 2, for 4 inches. This forms the neck.

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