Women's Sock Pattern No. 535 | Sizes 8½ to 11

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Women's Sock Pattern No. 535

What You Need:

BEEHIVE NON-SHRINK MOORLAND, 3 Ply (1 oz. skeins).

2 skeins for each size.

Royal Society Plastic Sock Needles No. 1.

GAUGE: 8½ sts make 1 inch; 12 rnds make 1 inch.

Sizes 8½-9 (9½-10, 10½-11).

Cast on very loosely 60 sts (64 sts, 68 sts).

Divide sts on 3 needles, join, being careful not to twist sts, and work in ribbing of k 1, p 1, for 3 inches. Knit 1 rnd, decreasing evenly around to 56 sts (60 sts, 64 sts).

Now work in stockinette st (knit each rnd) until piece measures 5½ inches in all. With 4th needle knit across 28 sts (30 sts, 32 sts). (4th needle is now 1st needle).

Divide between 2nd and 3rd needles for instep the remaining 28 sts (30 sts, 32 sts) and knit across those sts. Next rnd: Drop sock yarn, then with a differ­ent color thread (for heel marker) knit across 1st needle. Drop different color thread, go back and pick up sock yarn and, starting with 1st nee­dle, continue knitting in stockinette st until piece measures from heel marker 4½" (5½", 6½").

To Shape Toe: On 1st needle, k 2 to­gether, k across to last 2 sts, then k 2 together. On 2nd needle, k 2 together, then knit to end. On 3rd needle, knit across to last 2 sts, then k 2 together. 2nd rnd: Knit around. Repeat these 2 rnds alternately until there remain 20 sts (24 sts, 24 sts).

Weave sts together; or bind off, fold and sew.

HEEL … Pull out heel marker, pick up sole sts on 1st needle. There are on 1st needle 28 sts (30 sts, 32 sts).

Divide remaining 27 sts (29 sts, 31 sts) between 2nd and 3rd needles.

Attach yarn at beginning of 1st nee­dle and knit 1 rnd, picking up 2 sts between 1st and 2nd needles (1 st on each needle) and 2 sts between 3rd and 1st needles in same way. There are on needles 59 sts (63 sts, 67 sts).

Work as for Toe Shaping until there remain 23 sts (23 sts, 27 sts).

Weave sts together, or bind off, fold and sew. Fold half of ribbing in on wrong side and sew down loosely.