Pram Baby Set, Infants and 1 Year

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Infants and 1 Year

Instructions are written for smaller size, changes for larger size are in parentheses.

Materials—Fleisher’s DeLuxe Zephyr Germantown, Jacket and Hood, 6 balls; Leggings and Mittens 5 (6) balls.

White Knitting Needles, 1 pair Size 3.
White Crochet Hook, Size 4.

Gauge: 13 sts = 2 inches; 9 rows = 1 inch


Measurements—Chest 23 ½ (24 ½) ins., including 3 ins. overlap. Length from lower edge to back of neck 10 ¾ ins. Sleeves—Width 7 ½ (8 ¼) ins.

Cast on 152 (160) sts for lower edge of back and fronts.

Pattern StFirst and 2nd rows—* K 2, p 2; repeat from * to end.

3rd and 4th rows—* P 2, k 2; repeat from * to end. Repeat these 4 rows once for border.

Next row—right side—Work first 20 sts in pattern for overlap, k 112 (120) center sts, work last 20 sts in pattern for underlap. On following row work first and last 20 sts in pattern, p 112 (120) center sts. Work as for last 2 rows throughout, making first set of buttonholes on 13th row. The 20 sts of border are continued to neck edge.

First buttonhole row—right side—Work 2 sts, bind off 2 sts for first buttonhole, work until 12 sts after first buttonhole, bind off next 2 sts, finish row. On following row, cast on 2 sts over each of 2 sts bound off. Repeat buttonholes every 17th and 18th (19th and 20th) rows until 6 ¾ (7 ½) ins. from lower edge, end on right side.

Next row—Work 43 (45) sts, slip on holder for left front, bind off next 6 sts for underarm, work until there are 54 (58) sts from bind0off, slip on holder for back, bind off 6 sts for 2nd underarm, finish row.

Right Front—Keeping front edge even, dec. 1 st at armhole edge every 2nd row 3 times, repeating buttonholes until there are 5 sets in all; 40 (42) sts. Work even until 3 (3 ¼) ins. above underarm, end at front edge.

Neck and Shoulder Shaping—Bind off 20 sts for neck. Dec. 1 st at neck edge every row 3 (4) times; 17 (18) sts. Work even until 3 ½ (4) ins. above underarm, end at armhole edge. Bind off 9 sts once, 8 sts once (9 sts twice) on rows beginning from armhole edge.

Left Front—Slip 43 (45) sts of left front to needle; beginning at right side, work to correspond to right front omitting buttonholes.

Back—Slip 54 (58) sts to needle. Beginning at right side, work stockinette st decreasing 1 st each side every 2nd row 3 times; 48 (52) sts. Work even until armhole is same length as on front. Bind off 9 sts at beginning of next 2 rows; then 8 (9) sts at beginning of next 2 rows. Bind off 14 (16) sts for neck.

Sleeves—Cast on 32 (36) sts. Work 8 rows pattern for cuff. K 1 row increasing 1 st in every 6th st across row; 37 (42) sts. Continue stockinette st, increasing 1 st each side every 8th row 6 times; 49 (54) sts. Work even until 7 (7 ½) ins. from lower edge or desired length to underarm. Bind off 3 sts at beginning of next 2 rows; then 2 sts at beginning of next 12 (14) rows. Bind off 19 (20) sts.

Collar—Cast on 62 (70) sts.

First row—K 2, * p 2, k 2; repeat from * to end.

2nd row—P 2, * k 2, p 2; repeat from * to end.

3rd row—Same as 2nd row.

4th row—Same as first row. Repeat these 4 rows once for border.

Next row—K 2, p 2, k 2, k 50 (58), k 2, p 2, k 2. Continue pattern st on first and last 6 sts for side border, p center sts n next row.

First dec. row—Work 6 border sts, slip, k and pass, k to within 8 sts of end, k 2 tog, work 6 border sts. Work 3 rows even continuing center sts in stockinette st. Repeat last 4 rows 3 (4) times, working only 1 row after last dec. row; 54 (60) sts. Bind off.

Finishing—Sew seams. Sew in sleeves with seam at center underarm. With right side of collar to wrong side of Jacket, sew bound-off sts of collar to neck edge, to within 10 sts of front edges. Steam.


Right Half—Cast on 72 (76) sts; work k 2, p 2 ribbing for 4 rows.

Beading—* K 2, yo, p 2 tog; repeat from * to end. Continue ribbing until 1 ½ ins. from beginning. Change to stockinette st, begin short rows for back shaping.

First short row—K 8, turn, slip 1 st, p 7.

3rd row—K 7, with point of right needle take up st directly below slipped st and slip it to left needle, work this st together with slipped st to prevent hole in work, k 8, turn. Slip 1 st, p 15, always work slipped st in this way. Continue working 8 sts more every k row until there are 40 sts worked. On next k row, work all sts. Work even until 9 ½ (10) ins. from beginning measured at short edge, end with p row. Dec. 1 st each side of next row; repeat decreases every 2nd row 4 (8) times; every 4th row 9 times (every 6th row 7 times); 44 sts. Work 3 rows even, end with p row.

For the larger size, work k 2, p 2 ribbing for 3 ½ ins. or desired length. Bind off in ribbing.

For smaller size, continue as follows:

First row of ribbing—right side—P 1, * k 2, p 2; repeat from *, end k 2, p 1.

2nd row—K 1, * p 2, k 2; repeat from *, end p 2, k 1. Work ribbing for 2 ½ ins., end on wrong side.

Instep—Next row—right side—K 24, keep on back of needle, work ribbing on next 16 sts, keeping last 4 sts on back of needle, work 11 more rows of ribbing on these 16 sts. Continue ribbing, dec. 1 st each side of each of next 2 rows; 12 sts. Break off.

Foot—Working from right side, slip the 24 sts to front of needle, join yarn and with same needle pick up and k 14 sts on side of instep, k 12 sts of instep, pick up and k 14 sts on other side of instep, k last 4 sts; 68 sts. Work garter st—k every row—for 13 rows, end on wrong side.

First dec. row—K 8, k 2 tog twice,—back of foot— k 30, k 2 tog twice, k 22. K 1 row even.

2nd dec. row—K 7, k 2 tog twice, k 28, k 2 tog twice, k 21; 60 sts. Bind off.

Left Half—Work ribbing as for right half. K 1 row before starting short rows. P 8, turn, slip 1, k 7. Continue short rows to correspond to right half, purling 8 sts more every 2nd row, working slipped sts as in other half.

For smaller size, when at instep, k 4, work ribbing on next 16 sts, slip last 24 sts to holder. Finish to correspond to right half. Sew seams. Steam.

Cord—With 2 strands of yarn, make a ch 36 ins. long.


Cast on 80 (88) sts. Work border pattern of jacket for 8 rows. Bind off 4 sts at beginning of next row, k in back loop of all sts to end. Repeat last row once; 72 (80) sts. K 1 row, p 2 rows. Work stockinette st, k 1 row, p 1 row, until 3 (3 ½) ins. from border, end with p row.

Inc. row—K 35 (39), inc. 1 st by knitting 1 st in the side of next st on row below, k next st, mark this st as center st, inc. 1 st as before, k 36 (40) sts. Continue stockinette st, repeating inc. at each side of center st as before, every 4th row 4 times; 82 (90) sts.

Continue to inc. at each side of center st every 4th row until there are 7 sts increased at each side of center st, at the same time work short rows as follows:

First short row—wrong side—P 80 (88) sts, turn.

2nd row—Slip 1, k to within 2 sts of end, turn.

3rd row—Slip 1, p 75 (83), turn. Continue in this way, working to within 2 sts of end on each row, until there are 10 short rows.

11th row—Slip 1, p to end. K 1 row on 86 (94) sts. P to center of next row. Fold hood in half, weave sts of each half together, or bind off all sts on last row and sew seam.

Neck Band—Working from right side, pick up and k 44 (48) sts round neck edge, leaving border free. P 1 row. Work border pattern for 5 rows. Bind off in pattern.

Steam. Sew the 4 bound-off sts on each side of border to ends of neck band.

Ties—Make ch 12 ins. long. Work 1 sc in each st. Make 2. Fold border back and sew tie on each side as illustrated.


Left Hand—Cuff—Cast on 32 (36) sts. Work k 2, p 2 ribbing for 2 ins. Change to stockinette st, work 10 rows (For larger size only, work 10 sts and slip these sts to a strand of yarn, join round). Smaller size is thumbless. Work even on 32 (26) sts until 2 ½ (3) ins. above ribbing, end with p row.

First dec. row—* K 2 tog, k 2 (11); repeat from * 7 times (once); 24 sts. P 1 row.

2nd dec. row—* K 2, k 2 tog; repeat from * to end; 18 sts. P 1 row.

3rd dec. row—* K 1, k 2 tog; repeat from * to end; 12 sts. P 1 row. K 2 tog 6 times. Break off, draw end through all 6 sts twice. Fasten off.

Thumb—Slip 10 sts from yarn to needle. Beginning with p row work even in stockinette st for 1 ½ ins., end with p row. K 2 tog 5 times. Finish as for top of mittens. Sew seams.

Work right mitten to correspond, leaving thumb sts at end instead of beginning of k row.

Cord—With 2 strands of yarn, make a 30 (36) in. ch. Fasten off. Sew end of cord to each mitten.

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